Blogging to Find Clarity

meblogLet me begin by introducing myself.

I retired from teaching in the St. Paul (MN) Public Schools, having spent the last 18.5 years of my career teaching English as a Second Language at the elementary level.  Soon after I retired, I moved to Brandon, South Dakota in order to reduce living expenses and be near my parents and other family members.  The move has been beneficial, in the main, but it did separate me rather abruptly from my friends and my church home.  Fortunately, there is Facebook, which has allowed me to stay in contact with my many online friends.

I have always loved writing, but never had the luxury of time to write on a continuing basis while I was working.  Nevertheless, I did write a book with a friend of mine, which I am still editing, and which I hope to get published sooner, rather than later.  Retirement has at last afforded me the opportunity to write every day, and to consider myself a full-time writer.

It has taken me a year and a half to get used to being retired and to build a new life from the ground up here in Brandon. A little over a month ago, I set up a blog on the Blogspot site and set out to publish one message each day for a year.  I was recently asked to be a guest author on a friend’s blog on WordPress, so I took that opportunity to set up a blog here, too, with the hope that I may be able to reach more readers using this forum.

Besides providing me a means to be accountable and to practice writing, daily blogging has had the added benefit of encouraging me to find clarity in my life.  I have had the chance to explore and think deeply a lot of different topics, all of them connected to the life I am building for myself in retirement.  I am excited to have not one but two blogs, now and I am looking forward to publishing daily entries in both blogs.  🙂


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