Living in a Feedback Loop

feedback loopToday I met with some people who were viewing a video of an interview of Anita Moorjani, author of the book, Dying to Be Me, by Bob Olson of Afterlife TV.  I had read Moorjani’s book to prepare for this meeting, so I was able to grasp what she meant as she responded to the interviewer’s questions.

Briefly, Moorjani, a resident of Hong Kong, was diagnosed with cancer.  During her four-year experience with the disease, she refused standard allopathic treatment in favor of a mix of so-called alternative treatments.  (I say “so-called” because some of the treatments that we consider alternative in the Western world are actually standard in other parts of the world.

In particular, she followed Ayurvedic treatments and diet while in India, and she noted later that while she was there in India, the treatments seemed to be working, but that when she returned to Hong Kong, the treatments were less effective.  She said she understood later that treatments work best when we are surrounded by people who believe that they will work.

Four years after her diagnosis, she was very ill, with large open lesions on her neck, and her body organs were beginning to shut down.  In desperation, her mother and husband took her to a modern hospital, where the doctors told them that she would probably not live more than about 36 hours.  By the time she was rushed to the hospital, she was in a coma, and she stayed in this coma for 30 hours. While in a coma, she had a very intense out-of-body experience that changed her attitudes about life and about her illness.  When she awoke, she knew that she was healed, and her body began to manifest this healing, to the surprise and consternation of the doctors, who insisted on testing her six ways from Sunday.  Although she didn’t like the tests, as some of them were very painful, she says now that she is glad she allowed them, because they are evidence that her body did in fact heal itself of all traces of cancer.

In today’s video, which you can view for yourself  here, one of the things that Moorjani mentioned was that she uses her emotions as a guide and gateway to accessing divine help in her life.  When I heard this, the little wheels in my brain started spinning.

Western medicine sees disease as something to be eradicated, as if the disease is the problem itself.  In that sense, the doctors are always baffled as to why a disease like cancer comes back to some people and not others.  The alternative view of medicine sees disease as a message, a symptom of a deeper problem, rather than the problem itself.   Alternative practitioners are not surprised when cancer comes back, because they know that the patient has not done the inner healing necessary, and so the symptoms of the problem return.

In the same sense that physical disease is a symptom of a deeper problem, so also our emotions can be considered messages that can warn us that something in our lives is out of balance.  When Moorjani experiences negative emotions such as anger or fear, she immediately asks herself to identify what parts of her life are eliciting that particular feeling, and why.  Then she asks herself what she should do about it.  In this way, she uses her emotions as a sort of homing device to help keep her “on track.”  Whenever she is not experiencing contentment or joy, then she does whatever is necessary to make a course correction.

The physical world is a cosmic feedback loop, created for the benefit and unfoldment of Souls, who learn best by experience.  The Law of Cause and Effect is in play here.  Symptoms of physical and emotional disease are simply messages that tell us that something is wrong.  There is not, unfortunately, a neon sign that points to the cause of every problem.  It’s up to us to figure out the problem and what to do about it.  Of course, we have as much help as we wish to accept from Divine Spirit, but we must ask for this help and trust that it is available to us in order to put ourselves into a receptive mode.  Otherwise, no matter how much help is offered, we won’t make use of it.

I looked up some graphics for feedback loops and found one that was easy to alter.  Whether you are working on the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level, this basic feedback loop will work.  All you have to do is plug in your unique individual details.  Start with the circle at the top, marked Outcome.  Whatever situation you find yourself in, it is the outcome of something that has already come to pass in your life.  Moving clockwise, the next step is to take stock.  What is the symptom of the problem?  What deeper issue might it be warning you about?  What can you do to solve the problem?

Once you have decided on a course of improvement, commit to it and make your change permanent.  Then observe how things around you will change.  When you make changes, the people and situations around you change, as well.  Next, take stock again, and analyze the things you noticed.  Is this what you wanted to happen, or not?  If not, make some more changes and look once again at the outcome.  This loop can be done as many times as necessary.

Once you start thinking in terms of a feedback loop, it’s easier to stay calm and centered and solve your problems without drama. Try it sometime. 🙂


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