Energy Magic

energy magic“The Universe is saying: Allow me to flow through you unrestricted, and you will see the greatest magic you have ever seen.”  -Klaus Joehle

What does it mean to let the energy of the Universe flow through us?

Nowadays, physicists know that all is energy, and that energy is constantly in motion.  Even the molecules of those substances that we think of as “solids” are in motion, albeit very slowly. Energy is in the air, water, earth, and in all plant and animal life.  All of Creation is composed of this energy, and all are connected.

Human beings are not purely physical.  In addition to our physical bodies, we have an emotional body, a mental body, and etheric body and a Soul body.  In order to partake of experience in the physical realm, we must put on a physical, mental and emotional body.  In order to maintain a connection between these bodies and Soul, our true selves, we must put on an etheric body.  In order for the bodies to function properly, we must learn to balance them so that they are all vibrating in harmony with one another, and with the Universe.  This energy is neutral and impersonal.  We are the ones who create positive or negative outputs using the energy of the Universe.

How does this energy flow through us?  Consider an artist or musician who is “going with the flow.”  When the energy of the Universe flows through them, it mingles with their own thoughts and feelings, and results in the creation of a work of physical art or a piece of music.   Children also allow energy to flow through them, and they express it in their movements and play.

This flow of energy doesn’t always result in good things, however.  When the energy of the Universe flows through an angry person and mingles with his or her angry thoughts and feelings, the resulting output is violence: a massacre at Sandy Hook, bombings in Boston.

We are energy conduits.  When we have no blockages, the energy can flow through us freely.  When we keep our thoughts positive or neutral, the energy output has a net positive result.  The trick is to be a clear channel.

Howe can you be a clear channel?

In terms of the physical body, eat healthy, fresh food, prepared as naturally as possible, and drink plenty of water.  Engage in healthy exercise, especially t’ai chi or yoga, to make sure there are no blockages.  In terms of  the heart center, learn to love yourself, forgive others and release old hurts and fears.  Learn to detach from your ego and allow Soul, your real self, to regain control of your life.  Open  your heart to express love and cultivate a sense of compassion for others.  Mentally, you must become aware of your self-talk to see how you are programming your subconscious mind.  Learn to meditate so that you can regain control of your thoughts.

When you learn to connect with the Universe, you are actually setting up a connection much like the connection your computer has to the Internet.  You yourself are connected to the “Inner Net” and you have access to whatever information you need to live your life.   Anyone can learn to do these things, but it is easier if you have help.  Find a teacher, mentor, or facilitator who can assist you to learn meditation.    Ask for God’s guidance, and trust that you will be guided to the right person.

Once you have established this connection, you can either choose to serve your fear and your need to control things, which will collapse the connection, or you can choose to serve life for the highest good, doing what you are good at and what brings you joy.

Then watch the magic happen.  🙂


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