We Are Like Seeds

Sandra Kring quote“The tiny seed knew that in order to grow, it needed to be dropped in dirt, covered in darkness, and struggle to reach the light.”  –Sandra Kring

Today is Wednesday, April 24, 2013.

It’s true; we are like seeds.  Maybe I should clarify what I mean by “we.”  I’m talking about all of us, and I’m talking about the essential core of who we really are, Soul.  Everything else, our bodies, minds, intellects, personalities and emotions. are just suits that we put on in order to interface with the physical world.  We are Soul, pure and simple, conscious energy beings.

Souls come here for one reason: to learn and grow.  This physical world is a schoolhouse for Soul.  It’s a sandbox for Soul to play in.  It’s a place where we learn about ourselves, about others, about getting along, about our relationship to God and about our role in creation.  It’s a beautiful place, but it’s also a tough place to be, because when we come here, some of what we already know, as Soul, is covered up, for much the same reason that a teacher covers up a multiplication chart on the wall just before a math test. The teacher wants to know whether the students can apply what they know about multiplication without looking at the chart.  God wants to know whether Souls can apply what they have internalized for themselves.  In this way, we are like seeds in that we are covered in darkness for a while whenever we come to the physical plane.

Just like a seed, we begin to grow as we struggle for the Light.  The seed seeks the light of the sun.  We seek the Light of God.  Throughout its growth cycle, a seed needs to seek nourishment from the soil and from water.  It needs to be protected from too much water (flooding) and not enough water (drought).  It needs to be protected from weeds that will try to take away its nourishment and sap its energy. A seed must also be protected from predators who would consume it for their own nourishment and storms that would destroy it.

Like the seed that must be protected from flooding, Souls in human form need to careful of the effects of  too much material consumption, which generally leads people to value commodities outside of themselves and to depend on outside forces for their happiness.  It also leads people to value power over others, rather than authentic power, which is another way to say self-discipline.

maslowLike the seed that withers in drought, so, too, do Souls in human form wither spiritually when their lives in the physical plane are spent fighting for mere survival.  As psychologist Abraham Maslow noted back in the 1940s, human beings must satisfy their physical needs and their need for safety, and achieve a basic sense of being loved or belonging first, before they can satisfy their higher needs for self-esteem and self-actualization, including spiritual unfoldment.

Like a seed that needs to be protected from weeds, human beings must protect themselves and each other from the effects of negative thoughts, words and deeds, which act like weeds to thwart Soul’s spiritual progress.

Just as a seed needs to be protected from predators, human beings must learn to protect themselves and each other from those in the service of the negative power, who would co-opt them for their own ends.  Like a seed that needs to be protected from storms, human beings must protect themselves and others from the vicissitudes of life.  We must learn to help each other out in times of calamity and disaster.

In our struggle to survive, and ultimately, to thrive in this physical world, we are constantly challenged to grow and become more than what we were before.  As we grow, just like seeds, we become something other than what we were before.  We move from a potential to an actualized being who knows its own power and worth, and who can fulfill its destiny in God’s creation.  🙂


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