Taking the Bitter with the Sweet

goodwithbad Today is Sunday, April 28, 2013.

This quote by an anonymous author that is going around Facebook, made me think of a favorite song of mine sung by Carole King, called “Bitter with the Sweet.”   Life certainly is made up of both.

*** *** ***

Part of Carole King’s song goes:

I guess it gets to everyone. You think you’re not having any fun
And you wonder what you’re doing playing the games you play.
Hey, well, it’s true what they say: If you want to feel complete
Don’t you know that you got to do it, you got to take the bitter with the sweet.

What’s been sweet in my life?  I’ve had a chance to travel fairly widely:  I spent ten years living in Japan, and visited Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, and Canada. I even spent a short time in Mexico and would like to go back.  I’ve also been privileged to visit over 30 states of the good old U.S.A.  I spent my working life as a teacher, in a career that I loved and was good at.  I have had many friends, especially on the Internet.  I belong to Eckankar, a wonderful spiritual teaching that has given me impetus to grow spiritually.  I am making a go of retirement in a small town near family members, and I am now starting a process of becoming a full-time writer.

What’s been bitter?  My marriage didn’t work out, although I must say I learned a great deal, not only from the marriage itself, but from the divorce and the necessity of learning how to take care of myself.  I have not found the right man with whom to have a satisfying, long-term relationship in the thirty years that I’ve been divorced.  I did not have the opportunity to have children of my own in this lifetime.  I have suffered a lot of health issues throughout my life, including a cataract in one eye very early in life (so it can no longer be corrected by laser surgery), and progressive nerve deafness.  I’ve had fibroid tumors, cancer, and pulmonary embolisms (not one, but two at the same time).  The latest setback has been a micro-bacterial infection that is has already taken six months to heal, and it will probably take a few months more.  Fortunately, the antibiotic I am on has that rarest of features, a 100% cure rate.  It just works very slowly.

A friend of mine once told me, and I know he knows all about feelin’ down. 
He said, “Everything good in life you’ve got to pay for,
But feelin’ good is what you’re paving the way for.”

This is exactly why I am able to take the bitter with the sweet in this lifetime.  I know that some of the bitter things in this lifetime were the result of karmic issues that I had to tackle in order to move forward spiritually.  There is no free lunch.  Everything has to be earned – except the love of God, which is given freely and unconditionally.  What a bonus!

So, don’t let it get you down, my friend
Though it seems the blues will never end.
On this you can depend, they always do.
And I can tell you that it’s true.
It’s a feeling that can’t be beat, and you got to do it. 
You got to take the bitter with the sweet.

Carole was right.  The blues are always temporary and soon pass away, and when they do it’s a “feeling that can’t be beat.”  On the whole, life is good.  🙂


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