In Tune with the Universe

in tuneToday is Monday, May 27, 2013.

What does it mean to be in tune with the universe? When we are in tune with the universe, we are in tune with ourselves, with other people, with the natural environment, and with God.

Being in tune with ourselves means serving in the capacity for which we came into physical life and  functioning at our highest potential.  It means going with the flow, accepting growth and change as a natural part of life.  It means accepting full responsibility for our thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions.  It means learning to appreciate our own positive qualities and resolving to work toward eliminating our imperfections.

Being in tune with others means accepting that all are children of the same Creator.  It means appreciating and accepting people as they are and not trying to change or control them.  It means being sensitive to the feelings, wants and needs of others.  It means finding commonalities and learning how best to work harmoniously and cooperatively alongside other people.  It means celebrating with others and sharing their sorrows.  It means helping others, but it also means learning how to allow them to help themselves.   It means changing our focus from the love of power to the power of love.

Being in tune with Mother Earth means understanding and appreciating natural processes that generate life and keep the earth in balance.  It means learning how human actions have squandered and damaged the earth’s resources, and how humankind must change in order to help the natural world regain balance and harmony.  It means finding clean energy sources and using methods of cultivation that don’t have unintended side effects that are harmful to life.  It means using resources wisely, and changing the focus of our lives from conspicuous consumption to sustainable living.

Being in tune with God means establishing two-way communication.  It means listening to God, in addition to talking to God.  It means fully aligning our will to God’s will.  How can we get in tune with God?   The first thing to realize is that God is like a radio station that broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   Think for a moment about a human radio station.  If you have nothing with which to receive the broadcast, then you don’t even realize that it’s there.  So first you have to buy a radio.  Next, you have to have a power source, either batteries or an electrical outlet.  After that, you have to turn the radio on, and then turn the tuner dial to the correct frequency to find the station.   If you think about it, all of these steps are conscious decisions on your part.  You can’t receive a radio broadcast without making a conscious decision to do so.

It’s the same with establishing communication with God.  You have to make a conscious decision.  You, yourself are the radio and you have been given life and consciousness – that’s your power source.  All you have to do is turn on the equipment and tune in to the broadcast.  To continue with the radio analogy, your pineal gland represents your antenna.  To activate it,  there are several things you can do.

First, make a space in your home where there are no electronic devices and where the air is as pure as possible.  A natural way to do this is to bring air-purifying plants such as ferns into your home.  If there is a quiet place in nature that you can use for meditation, so much the better.   Next, pay attention to your body.  Feed it healthy food and give it regular exercise and plenty of sleep.  When you sleep, do so in a fully darkened room with no electronic devices present.   Next, learn breathing exercises to help you get plenty of oxygen in your body and to learn to control your breathing.  Learn to meditate, specifically to quiet the chatterbox in your head that comments on everything in your life.  Learn to visualize and focus your thoughts on one thing at a time.  Learn to see the Inner Light and hear the Inner Sound.  Learn to chant using spiritually charged words.

Many who meditate use words such as OM or HU. When you learn to use charged words, you are working with vibration.  Everything in Creation vibrates at one speed or another. What these spiritually charged words do is bring us into harmony with Divine Spirit, vibrationally speaking. We become like a vibrating tuning fork, not only at the physical level of the body, but at the  spiritual level, as Soul.

When we manage to get in tune with God, we begin to get in tune with the natural world, with others, and with ourselves.  It all falls into place.   Our hearts open, we begin to remember and interpret our dreams, we are more able to use our intuitive senses, we are more aware of how our thoughts, words and actions affect ourselves, others, and the environment.  We become more sensitive to signs and nudges from Divine Spirit, and we are able to discern our individual purpose in life.

When we are in tune with the universe, we have our radio turned on and tuned in, and we become a radio in and of ourselves.  When we are in alignment with the Divine, we pass the broadcast on to others.  🙂



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  1. Nice entry! I am glad I stumbled on this blog 🙂

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