Staying Open to God’s Blessings

receive healingToday is Tuesday, June 25, 2013.

I am guided by Spirit.  I am open to receiving.  I heal.

In order to receive the blessings of Divine Spirit, we must be “open” and “receptive.”  What does this actually mean?

For one thing, being open means getting rid of preconceived notions of how something is going to come about.  It is an attitude of acceptance of what is.  Being open avoids thoughts of “would’ve, could’ve, should’ve” and allows Divine Spirit to be in the driver’s seat.  It is surrendering our own wishes to the greater wisdom of God.

The Zen Buddhists have always been very good at this discipline.  The spiritual student goes to a “master” for instruction and is given a koan, or riddle.  Perhaps the most famous koan is. “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”   A lot of Americans seem to think that there must be an answer to this question, but that’s not really the point of the exercise.  The student is told to meditate on the question and come back with a realization.  When the student does this, the master tells him, no, that’s not the answer.  Meditate again.  This cycle is repeated many times, until the student, in utter frustration, says, “Master, I don’t know.”  At this point, the master says, “Now, we can begin your spiritual instruction.”

Why?  Because the student has emptied his mind of all the possible answers he could think of and has rejected them.  He has no more preconceived ideas and is open to a greater level of wisdom.  This state of openness and receptivity is often called “Zen mind.”

When people pray for a healing, they often tell God what they think should happen.  They want the fever to go down, the infection to go away.  They want the scab to disappear.  But the type of healing that we get from Divine Spirit doesn’t always address our physical concerns.  Instead, it leads us to a spiritual healing of whatever imbalance is the root cause of the physical or emotional condition.

As with all healing, there is an element of trust involved.  If you go to a doctor with the idea that your condition cannot be healed, then you won’t experience healing, no matter what the doctor does for you.  It’s even harder to believe that spiritual healing will work, but it does.  It just doesn’t always look like healing out here in the physical world.  Sometimes the wounds of the physical body are part of the spiritual healing.  🙂


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