kindnessToday is Tuesday, July 2, 2013.

Apparently, “11:11 Awakening Code” comes from a fellow named John Michael Christian, who had a profound spiritual experience.  I don’t follow this person, but I like his messages once in a while.

Today’s message is: Kindness.  Not a bad reminder for most of us, actually.  If you look up the term “kindness” in the thesaurus, you realize that it stands for a number of concepts.

The focus of a kind person is other people.  Kind people are outer-directed.  They are unselfish; the express and demonstrate  consideration and concern for the welbeing of others.  Kind people are helpful in an altruistic way; their acts of charity and good deeds are not motivated by a desire for repayment or praise.

Kind people are gracious.  An anonymous person wrote, “Grace is the face love wears when it meets imperfection.”   I just wish I knew who said that.  I any event, it’s true.  Kind people exhibit grace in the face of imperfection.  They tend to be tolerant, forgiving, sympathetic, magnanimous, and humane.

Kind people are friendly and approachable.  They exhibit a pleasant disposition at all times.  They treat others with gentleness and tact.  They don’t take their frustrations out on other people.  Then tend not to blame others when they are having a bad day, and strive to deal with their frustrations privately, preferring not to trouble other people.

No wonder it takes Souls so many lifetimes to learn how to be kind to others!  🙂


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