Hospital Staff in China Bow to Parents of Dead Baby Girl

Chinese Baby Today is Monday, July 15, 2013.

This one is making the rounds again on Facebook.  It was a little hard to check out, but I managed to find out that the story is true, in the main, but as usual, someone has added details for effect that are not true.

Here’s the scoop:  Parents in Chifeng, an area of the inner Mongolian region in North China, lost their baby girl, Feng Junxi, on June 9, 2012. (Feng is the family name; Junxi is the given name.)  The picture at top left is the father kissing his daughter good-bye, and at top right is the mother saying farewell.  The bottom picture shows hospital staff bowing to the baby and parents.  Why?  Because the baby donated her kidneys to a woman named Xiao Li, who survived and who was doing well as of June 18, 2012.  The story on Facebook is that the baby’s kidney and liver were donated to children in the next ward.

It wasn’t necessary to doctor the story at all, since it is heart-wrenching enough.  Certainly, those of us in the West are awed by the display of respect on the part of the hospital staff toward the child and her parents, and our hearts go out to the parents, who had to make a very difficult decision.  Keep in mind that parents in China are limited to one child.

Thanks for the Hoax or Fact site for information on this story.  🙂


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