Thanks for the Gift

giftToday is Friday, July 26, 2013.

“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness.  It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift.”  – Mary Oliver

All of us can think of at least one person in our lives who gave us a “box full of darkness.”  We may still be angry, hurt, or bitter about it.   Some of us will find it hard to understand why anybody would see it as a gift.

Actually, whatever it was that the person did to us is not the gift.  The gift was the opportunity for us to grow as a person, to grow spiritually.  The gift was the chance for us to gain or hone a quality within ourselves that needed polishing.   Perhaps we learned patience or humility from the experience.  Maybe it was the courage to stand up for ourselves or to walk away.  We might have learned to say no, or to say sorry.  Whatever we learned from the experience, it is ours to keep and to use in the future as we journey through our lives.  The qualities we gain from solving our problems, dealing with difficult people, and getting through tough situations will always stand us in good stead.

So what have you learned from that unreasonable boss?  What have you learned from that marriage that didn’t work out?  What have you learned from being fired and having to look for a new job?  What have you learned from getting through that embarrassing incident?  What have you learned from having to deal with an elderly parent, a handicapped child, a wayward spouse, an angry client, an unreasonable neighbor, a challenging student, a co-worker who won’t stop complaining?   Seriously.  Get out a piece of paper, right now, and list the people who have given you a box of darkness, whether large or small, and write down what you learned from them.  Then close your eyes and breathe deeply.  Form a mental image of each person on your list and thank them from the bottom of your heart for their gift.   Many of these Souls have agreed to be in your life this time around in order to provide you with the opportunity to receive these gifts.   You may also have agreed to be in the lives of certain people for the purpose of giving them a gift – perhaps from a box full of darkness.   If so, visualize these people and wish them well.   🙂


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