Being the Architect of Our Own Future

architectToday is Monday, July 29, 2013.

“We are all here for some special reason.  Stop being a prisoner of your past.  Become the architect of your future.”  –Robin S. Sharma, author of The Leader Who Had No Title

It’s perfectly OK to replay and appreciate pleasant memories of the past, and to recall just enough of the tough times to remember and process lessons learned, but anything other than this can imprison us and keep us from discovering our true potential.  When negative experiences in the past keep us from making changes or from greeting an opportunity with open arms, we are imprisoned.  When we allow what happened in the past to fill us with guilt, anger or bitterness, it is as if we are wearing a ball and chain.    When we are trapped by our past, we cannot pay attention to opportunities in the present or rise to meet those opportunities with our best effort.  Thus, we fail to create our optimum future.

Being the architect of our future means, first of all, believing that we do in fact have a purpose for being alive on earth at this time, and secondly, believing that we do have the ability – indeed, the responsibility – to create our own future.  It means taking action in the present time, knowing that this is the only time in which action can be taken.  It means forming goals and revisiting them often, to ensure that our goals are always viable and attainable, and that we are not trying to ride a dead horse.  It means keeping our hearts and minds open, and being on our toes, ready to respond to whatever happens.  Architects make plans, but they also change them to meet changing needs.  Being an architect of our future means facing our fears and acknowledging our negative qualities, with the understanding that our negative traits are not who we really are.  They are merely signs of imbalances within.   If we view these imbalances with proper humility and a willingness to make changes, rather than defend ourselves, we can create a situation in which our purpose in this lifetime can be fulfilled. 🙂


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