Creating Harmony with Others Means Being in Tune with Ourselves


The yin-yang symbol, an ancient symbol of inner and outer balance.

Today is Friday, August 2, 2013.

To be in harmony with others, we must be in tune with ourselves.”  –Native American Spirituality and Thoughts/Facebook

How can we achieve harmony within ourselves?  Believe it or not, most of the people who give advice on this subject is essentially the same.  It’s just expressed a little differently.

First of all, it’s important to realize that we are all beings of energy, and that our energy – balanced or unbalanced, positive, negative, or neutral, affects not only ourselves, but everyone else, as well.  And by everyone else, I mean human beings, the entire animal kingdom, and Mother Earth, herself.   If you’ve ever been in a room with a group of people where one person in the room affects everybody else either positively or negatively, you know what I’m talking about.  If the energy from this person is positive, everyone is energized and uplifted.  If the energy from the person is negative, then people start to get tense and sooner or later, an argument will break out, perhaps even a physical fight.   You know that you enjoy being around certain people and dread having to be around others.  Why?  It’s because of the energy they are putting out.

We need to realize that we, also, put out energy, and others react to it.  This is why it’s so important to keep our thoughts positive or at least neutral when we are in physical proximity with others.  To do this, we must consciously monitor the private  thoughts going through our heads as well as the words we speak aloud to others.  This is also why meditation is so beneficial.  It allows us to balance ourselves by detaching from our outer lives and going within to the Source of All.

In addition to learning how to keep our own energy broadcast positive, we must learn to protect ourselves from others.  For this, we can visualize a bubble or circle of white light that acts like a force-field to keep negative energy out and allow positive energy in.  You may not believe that this works, but the only way to find out is to try it.  Pick a work day or a day when you are going out among people – to the State Fair, perhaps, or to the local mall for some shopping.  Before you go, close your eyes for a few moments and visualize yourself surrounded by white light.  Keep that thought lightly in mind as you go through your day, and notice how you are feeling when you are around positive people and when you are around negative people.  Visualize the negative energy bouncing back to the sender and see what happens.  In all cases, act as you normally would, but keep in mind that you are protected by the white light.  You can read a little more about white light in my blog entry called Qualities of Light on Blogspot.

At the end of each day, visualize the especially negative or difficult people you have had to deal with all day and imagine that a cord connects you to these people.  Now visualize yourself with a pair of scissors.  The scissors are sharp enough to cut each of the cords.  Do this for everyone you had a negative encounter with during the day, then go to bed as usual .   Your visualization helps you disconnect from them in an internal way that will allow you to rest peacefully all night.  Don’t take your worries, angers, fears, and jealousies to bed with you!

Each of us is made up of a complex set of interrelated energies.  It doesn’t matter so much how you label them, as that you are aware they exist and have to be integrated.   The 7-chakra system is as good as any to visualize all the different types of energies that make up who you are.  I wrote about the chakras and how they affect you when they are balanced or not in a blog entry entitled What’s Keeping You from Unblocking Your Chakras?   There are any number of ways to balance chakras.  Just google “balancing chakras” and choose something that works for you.

If the chakras are too esoteric for you, then just think of yourself as body, mind, heart and Soul.   You are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and each of these parts of yourself must be in balance, in and of itself.  Then all the parts must be in balance with one another.


Image Credit: Advanced Life Skills/Jonathan Wells

When all the parts of yourself are in balance, you can be said to have inner peace.  The benefits of inner peace are shown in the illustration at left.  Most of us have a hard time staying in perfect balance all the time.  Even a spiritual master who is living on this earth must strive every day to maintain balance.  Most of us only achieve perfect balance for a very short time, then something goes out of whack.  Does that mean we’re hopeless?  No, it just means we’re human and we’re in a place of where balance is hard to achieve.  The main thing is to keep on keeping on.  I’m sure you’ll agree that when we achieve inner balance within ourselves, it is much easier to deal with others, whether they are in balance or not.  🙂


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