iPhone Saves the Day

iPhoneToday is Tuesday, August 6, 2013.

I really didn’t expect my iPhone to be quite so useful right off the bat, but useful it was.  During my weekend trip to the Twin Cities, I was able to check my location and map out a route to another destination within moments, and on the way home, when I forgot to make a turn to follow highway 212 in Montevideo, I was able to figure out where I was and how to get back to the highway with a minimum of fuss.  I spent about 10 minutes getting back on track, whereas if I hadn’t had the map, I could easily have spent a couple of hours driving around looking for a familiar street from which to get back to the highway.  The map feature, alone, was worth the cost of upgrading to an iPhone from a regular cell phone, and this was the map that was already installed, not the Google Maps app.

Being able to check my email messages and monitor comments on Facebook was really nice, too.  I was able to spend less time on the laptop and more time doing other things.   I can envision a time when I’ll be spending more time out and about and less time sitting in front of the laptop.

Most of the apps are more or less a waste of time,  but the “flashlight” app could come in handy in an emergency.  I also like the alarm clock and calendar features that remind me of appointments and medication doses.

The phone I got is not the most recent one, either.  It was being given away free by several different phone companies.  There are two upgrades past the one I got, but I’m not worried.  In time I will have the latest one.  For now, I”m happy with what I’ve got.  Am I glad I finally got a smart phone?  Yes, indeed, I am.  🙂


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