Learning to Love in a Greater Capacity


Image credit: izismile/A Place to Love Dogs

Today is Monday, August 12, 2013.

“Serving God is learning to love in a greater capacity every day.”  –Cameron Barfield.

My friend Cameron Barfield posted a picture on Facebook (not this one) of a little puppy with a too-big collar to illustrate his message.  I found a similar picture to use here.

The puppy will grow and soon be big enough to wear this adult dog collar.  Meanwhile, his owner will probably get a smaller one that fits him now so that he can get used to wearing one.

We all have abilities that we have to “grow into,” as it were, and one of those abilities is giving and receiving Divine Love, or unconditional love.  When we express unconditional love towards others, at first in small ways, and later in more important ways, we are serving God, because we are expressing God’s love in a way that people can understand.

It’s hard to give unconditional love to those who are different from us, those who disagree with us, and those who actively oppose us.  We have trouble loving people who complain all the time, people who boss us around, and people who take advantage of us.  We draw the line at loving a person who is ugly, handicapped, too fat, or too old.   It takes years – lifetimes – to learn to love everyone.  That’s why it’s a skill or quality that we have to “grow into,” just like the puppy that will one day grow into an adult-sized collar.

Giving unconditional love isn’t about being romantic or marrying a person.  It’s about accepting them as they are, without judgment.  It’s about allowing them to have their experiences and learn their own lessons.  It’s about recognizing that all the people in this world are children of God.   No matter what they do or say, we recognize their Divine origin.   We don’t have to approve of what they do or say.  All we have to do is stop judging people and condemning them.

It’s a tall order, but we can do it.  🙂


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