Trusting Your Hunches

trust your hunchesToday is Wednesday, August 14, 2013.

“Trust your hunches.  They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.” –Dr. Joyce Brothers.

A hunch is a “feeling or guess based on intuition rather than known facts.”  Sometimes it is a premonition of things to come.  Sometimes we get a hunch about something while we are thinking about it consciously.  Other times, a hunch seems to come “out of the blue.”   It is likely that we have, in fact, been thinking about the situation, just not consciously.  As Dr. Brothers has suggested, our physical senses do pick up and file away information whether we are conscious of it happening or not.  It’s important to realize that hunches are not necessarily made without any basis in fact.  It’s just that not all information can be verified in the physical world.

Hunches can be “good,” leading to positive outcomes such as second date that leads to a new romance, finding a great job, adopting a pet who becomes a companion, finding a beautiful place to go, or an interesting thing to do in an unlikely place, or having a fabulous meal in a little-known restaurant.   Just as often, our hunches can be “bad,” leading to negative outcomes such as hanging onto a relationship that has run its course, looking for someone or something that is lost in all the wrong places, experiencing a disastrous first date, or taking a job that seemed perfect, only to find that you have the boss from hell.

Our gut instincts can be honed, however.  When we establish a strong and secure connection with Divine Spirit, we have an extra special source of information to go on, and this Source is infallible.  The problem comes when we mistake information that comes from Holy Spirit with the voice of our ego.  The ego craves attention and fears loss of control.  The ego expresses wants and needs, and is not particularly interested in making changes or growing spiritually.  The ego does not worry about the highest good for anyone else but itself.  Based on these things, the ego can steer us toward situations that end up with a negative outcome.  There’s no way except direct experience to learn to distinguish between the ego and intuition fueled by our connection with Divine Spirit.  The trick is to stay conscious and to learn from our mistakes.  There is a feeling of upliftment that goes with the “good” hunches.  When we are missing that feeling of upliftment, it’s a signal that the ego is talking, and the hunch should be ignored.

There’s nothing wrong with checking out a hunch by verifying facts.  But there’s power in learning to listen to our inner wisdom and act on it without hesitation.  Whatever the outcome, we are guaranteed to learn something.  🙂


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