How to Restore Balance for a Perfect Relationship

perfect relationshipToday is Saturday, August 17, 2013.

I liked this quote because it seems to be applicable to any relationship at all, not just a relationship between lovers or mates.  It applies to platonic friendships, work relationships, teacher-student relationships, and relationships between siblings, or parents and children.  The idea is to bounce back to normal as quickly as possible and move on.  This is what distinguishes balanced people from unbalanced ones.  It is the difference between those who are stuck in a particular consciousness and those who are free to move on.

In order to restore balance in our relationships, we have to know how to restore our inner balance.  Some people need to be alone for a while.  Others need a hug or a shoulder to cry on for a while.  Some people find that meditation or prayer restores balance.

One way that I, personally, restore balance is to sing HU, pronounced like the word “hue” in English.  HU is an ancient name for God, and when we chant this name, it is as if we are singing a love song to God.  HU is a spiritually charged word of the highest order, and when we sing HU, its vibrations literally cause us, body and Soul,  to come into harmony with it.   When we come into harmony with HU, we also come into harmony with God, and we can access this perfect peace.  This is the “peace that passeth understanding” that we hear about.  When we achieve this level of peace for ourselves, our relationships become more peaceful, as well.

Simply close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let the word out slowly.  Then take another breath and  do it again.  Sing HU for a few minutes when you are alone and see how it makes you feel.  When you are with others, you can sing HU in your mind, and it will work the same way.

Here is a link for you to hear a HU song.  You can sing along with it, if you like.  There are two links on the left for a five-minute HU and a 20-minute HU that you can use for a longer meditation.  On the right there is a link to a video about this amazing word that can be used by anyone of any faith.   🙂


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