Vibrating at a High Frequency

high frequencyToday is Sunday, August 18, 2013.

Years ago I would have said it was a coincidence that I wrote about vibrations one day and then saw two images that had something to do with vibrations very soon afterwards.  Not anymore.  Nothing is a coincidence.  Not that everything is planned out in advance, either.  Far from it.  It’s just that when we think about something, the Universe responds by providing it for us.

Yesterday I wrote about singing HU, and that’s certainly one of the best ways I know of vibrating at the highest frequency possible.  While we’re here in the physical plane, none of us vibrates at the same high frequency as God, but we can and do vibrate at a frequency that is in harmony with God, and we can vibrate at a frequency that is the highest possible for us, as individuals.

Why should we do this?  One reason that I pointed out yesterday is that it brings us back into balance and allows us to bring our relationships with others back into balance.  That’s certainly not the only reason, however.

When we are vibrating at a high frequency, people of much lower frequency are not even aware of us.  They may see us with their eyes, but we don’t disturb their vibrations so they don’t react to us.  It’s as if we aren’t even there.  When we raise our vibrations, people of a different frequency simply drop out of our lives.  It doesn’t mean they aren’t nice people.  It simply means that our energies are simply not vibrating in harmony with one another, so we find that we don’t seem to have anything in common anymore.

When we are vibrating at a high frequency, we seem to meet fewer and fewer negative situations in our lives.  We might have a “near miss” rather than a head-on collision, or we might take a fall but break no bones.  That is not to say that if you have an accident that your vibrations are always lower.  It may mean, however, that you allowed your vibrational frequency to slip for just long enough.  It’s not that you’re a bad person.  It’s just that you weren’t operating at your best just then.

everything changesThe vast majority of us are still incapable of maintaining a really high frequency steadily for any length of time.  The key is to learn to recognize when you are slipping and stop the downward slide.  Our vibrations go down when we’re angry, upset, disconcerted, annoyed, arrogant, demanding, critical of others, grieving for someone, or anxious about something.   They are low when we are greedy, impatient, ignorant, dependent, ashamed, jealous, irresponsible, worried, confused, and disconnected.  When we are sad, discouraged, conflicted, lonely, frustrated, and manipulated, our frequency goes down.   It doesn’t matter whether you are the aggressor or the victim, if it’s a negative situation, your vibrational frequency goes down.

Since it’s impossible to avoid these feelings entirely as long as we are here in human form, the key is to acknowledge the emotion we are feeling, then let it go and get back into balance.  No negative emotion should hold us down for very long.  The sooner we can get back into balance, the better.

People who are not used to controlling their own vibrations end up matching frequencies with other people or their surroundings.  That’s not so bad when we’re sharing space with a person who is vibrating at a high level, or when we are in a peaceful place, such as a park or garden, but when we are around negative people, our own frequency drops to match theirs.  If you put one genuinely angry person into a room full of people, you will find that everyone eventually starts to feel tense or wary, and arguments will break out.  That’s why there are so many fights in bars.

When we learn to control our own vibrations we can raise our own frequency at will, even if everything around us is vibrating at a lower frequency.  It’s not necessarily that we’re changing people to suit ourselves.  We are simply moving into a higher realm, where it is easier to see situations for what they really are, and to avoid taking things personally.  Here’s an example.  Let’s say a co-worker is angry about something.  He may or may not direct the anger at you, but you can feel the anger, regardless.  When we are vibrating at a higher frequency, we may realize, for example, that he is especially angry today because he fears the loss of his job, or he may be having some trouble at home.  This type of insight makes it easy for us to avoid taking the anger personally and reacting to it.  If it is possible to address the person’s real issue – such as fear of losing his job – we can do that, or we may simply choose to get through the rant somehow and then walk away.  Whatever we do, we will have avoided escalating the situation.

When we control the frequency of our vibrations, we realize that the Universe actually reacts to what we are putting out.  If we keep ourselves uplifted, then our immediate surroundings will be uplifting.  If not, then the reverse is true.  I’ve written a lot over the past few months about how to raise our vibrations.  Meditation and prayer are the best tools I have found for this.  Listening to uplifting music is also a good practice.  Simply thinking about something or someone you love can raise your frequency, too.   Try raising your own vibrations and see if you can feel the difference.  You’ll be amazed.



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  1. Greetings to you. Thanks for your lovely inspiration

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    it’s a great information,thanks.. love it.. 🙂

  4. Fabulous article on higher vibrations Thank You

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    what are they “High Frequency”

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    Thank you😊 knowledge is powerful especially when it helps you change your perspective and life for the better!! Thank you so very much! 😀

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    Thank you so much for your post – I’ve just read it! very helpful. I’ve saved your blog and would love to read further about raising frequency … Have a lovely day today and always!

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