What Do You Choose to Believe? Part 2

balance rocks  Today was Friday, August 23, 2013.

In his audiobook, The Essence of Being in Balance: Creating Habits to Match Your Desires, Wayne Dyer says that stress doesn’t really exist in this world.  What he means by that is that stress is not an object that we can touch or a disease that we can find physically in the body.  Basically, we create stress using our thoughts.   And yet 112 million adults in the United States are taking prescription drugs for the reduction of stress.  What’s more, there are 11 million kids on Prozac!

Stress is a product of “ego realization,” which is the belief that you are what you have, what you do, what you wear, how much money you make, etc.  Dyer says the opposite of this is “God realization,” which is the knowledge that we are Soul, a “piece of God,” as it were.  Dyer says that the “lower” parts of us, our minds/brains, our personalities, our emotions, and our ego, are all meant to serve the “higher” part of us, which is Soul or spirit, and not the other way around.  The media and the advertising industry, meanwhile, tell us that we need this drug, that make-up, these clothes, and that car to be happy. And yet, they are counting on the fact that whatever we buy will not keep u happy for very long, or else they wouldn’t have any repeat customers.  Have you noticed how many prescription drug commercials there are on TV these days?

Dyer says that the belief that our work is important is a breakdown-in-the-making.  Thoughts that it’s important to get ahead, to achieve, to win, are actually mental habits that have been handed down to us.  We can stop this type of thinking and choose to think other thoughts.   What other thoughts?  How about this: I’m OK no matter what I wear.   I can be happy no matter what car I drive.   God loves me, no matter how much money I make.

The process of changing your thoughts begins with learning to meditate and step outside your body and just observe what is going on.  Find your source (God) and align with that.  Turning off the TV for a while is not going to cut the mustard if you still believe in a win/lose scenario, or if you still believe that you have to do certain things to “get ahead” in life  You have to change your whole belief system.

Dyer says the time that many people wake up naturally is between 3 and 4 in the morning, and that there’s a reason for that (besides having to use the toilet).  The reason is that it’s a time when you are most easily able to align with the Source.  He suggests getting up and meditating.  He says that you can actually get the benefit of a whole night’s sleep in one 15 to 20-minute session of meditation.

When we align with our Source, we realize why we came into this lifetime, and that becomes our burning desire.  The point is to fulfill our purpose, whatever that is.  Put your attention on your desire, repeat the name of God (whatever name you use – God has many names), and then detach from the outcome, because Holy Spirit will fulfill your desire, but it may not be the way you thought it would happen!

More insights to come…  🙂


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