Keep Calm and Carry On

find eye inside stormToday is Tuesday, August 27, 2013.

These days I am less interested in seeking excitement and more interested in maintaining a sense of personal peace, no matter what is happening around me.  I admit, this is much easier to do now that I’m retired than it was when I was working.  Yesterday I had a chiropractic appointment and was planning to do water aerobics, but the night before I was pulled over by the police for having expired license tabs.  (Long story.)  All night I had trouble sleeping, probably more because I was worried and upset about being pulled over, but I also had some pains I couldn’t explain, so I decided to call my doctor.

The doctor had time in the morning, when the aqua exercise was supposed to be, so I decided to go see her, then do the chiropractic appointment.  Then I went to the courthouse in Sioux Falls to pay my fine ($120) and get the license tabs.  The doctor didn’t find anything wrong, so maybe the pains were just worry.  At least I was able to get the tabs put on the license plates and get the fine paid.  These expenses weren’t in my budget, but they’re not in anyone’s budget, so what else is new?

If I’d been teaching  on top of all this, I could not have gone to the doctor without having to make substitute plans. I remember how I used to put off going to the doctor because I didn’t want to go to the extra trouble of making sub plans, and I wonder how that affected my health all these years.  I know I went to work sick many times when I should have stayed home.

I wouldn’t have been able to get my tabs or pay the fine right away, either, if I’d been working.  I can’t tell you how much time I spent worrying about something that I couldn’t take care of right away because I was busy with my job.   The worry affected my mood and my health negatively.

The important thing is not to wait until you’re retired to try to find that inner calm that will allow you to move forward without so much angst.  Whatever your problem is, it will be dealt with in the fullness of time, maybe not when you want or how you want, but it will be dealt with.  No amount of worry or upset will change the situation.

I know I keep mentioning things like meditation, yoga, spiritual exercises, etc., but I cannot stress enough how important these are for our inner wellbeing.  Keep calm and carry on!  🙂


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