Harvest of Misery

harvest dustToday is  Saturday, August 31, 2013.

The corn, wheat, and soybean harvest is on, and I am miserable.  Harvest dust is everywhere.  My eyes are watering excessively, and what comes out is thick mucous, which dries on the eyelids and under eye area, and causes itching and crusting.  My eyes itch something fierce.  I’m blind in one eye, and to make matters worse, the one good eye is the one that itches and waters all the time.  I sneeze all the time, and my wastebasket is full to overflowing with used tissues.  I’m having sinus headaches and coughing, as well.  My throat is full of mucous.

Seriously, anyone who thinks that the “country air” is better than what you breathe in the city has not spent much time in the country at harvest.

Short of wearing a gas mask all day, I’m not sure what to do about it, other than staying indoors, taking allergy medicine, and waiting it out.  The harvest will end, in time, and we will hopefully have a bit of rain to settle the pollen in the air.  Until then, I and others like me will suffer.

The fact that corn, wheat and soybeans are not even that good for us makes it all the worse.  Why must we grow and eat so much of this stuff?  I guess that’s a post for another day…   😦


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