Attracting Good Things Into Your Life

mantra for todayToday is Wednesday, October 2, 2013.

Mantra for today:  I attract everything into my life that is for my highest good.

The vast majority of us attract things into our lives without any conscious thought about the matter, but when something negative comes along, we stop and ask, “Why me?”  Very few people realize that the answer is, “Because you asked for it,” or “Because this is what you need now in order to get what you really want later.”  Fewer still bother to find out how they attracted the negative situation, and what they can do to avoid attracting a situation like that again.

The purpose of all of our experiences in life is to give us a chance to grow spiritually and to gain personal qualities that will enable us to operate at full capacity to serve all Life.   Experiences that we think of as negative give us a chance to gain patience, fortitude, perseverance, compassion, and humility.  Most of us would never bother to learn these things if we didn’t have any reason to.  When we realize that everything is for our highest good, we can start looking for the golden lining in the dark clouds, and that makes it a little easier to weather the bad times.

I’m still learning about how I attracted cancer into my life, and trying to make the changes that will allow me to avoid attracting it again.   On the positive side, I have attracted many amazing friends, including some new friends locally, and I am working on attracting better physical health.  Lately, I’ve attracted a little more money into my life, and that’s been a blessing.

What have you attracted into your life lately?   How can you attract more pleasant things and fewer tough situations into your life?  What changes will you make in your thinking, your self-talk, and your habits?  What bad habits are you willing to replace with good ones?   Don’t change everything all at once.  Just decide on one change and make it.  Stick with your new program for at least three weeks, and see what happens.  🙂


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