Are You Reaching Your Potential?

potentialToday is Saturday, October 5, 2013.

There’s a great commercial for that’s going round the Internet.  No words, just images and music.  We follow a stork carrying a baby in a diaper.  The stork flies around the world, shading the baby from the hot, desert sun, flying over the ocean in a raging storm, fighting off wild dogs in the Arctic, and finally delivering the child to the doorstep of an expectant suburban couple.  The baby yawns, and the scene changes to a young man yawning.  We see a used carton of Chinese takeout on his cluttered desk, and the sky is dark outside, indicating that perhaps he is working overtime.  He seems to have been daydreaming, though.  Then the man sees the stork he’s been dreaming about outside his window, staring at him.  Perhaps the young man has been daydreaming because he is bored, in an unfulfilling job that doesn’t challenge him enough.  Meanwhile, the stork certainly has been working very hard delivering babies.  Perhaps the young man is that baby that the stork brought.  The stork looking in the young man’s office window seemed rather disappointed, and I kind of felt sorry for it, out there in the rain.

Each of us has a purpose in life, maybe several interconnected purposes.   Each of us comes with a set of skills and talents, and a certain level of intellect.   Each of us has achieved a certain level of consciousness.  What we do with the cards we’ve been dealt determines whether we are reaching our potential or not.

Do you feel you have reached your potential or that you are performing up to full capacity in life?  If so, do you feel there is anything you can improve on?  If not, what changes can you make to ensure that you are reaching your potential in this life?    Remember, this isn’t about making money.  It’s about doing the best you can with what you’ve got.  🙂



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