The Year of Light and Sound

light and sound

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Today is October 22, 2013.

Happy New Year!

Today marks the beginning of The Year of Light and Sound in the Eckankar twelve-year cycle.  It is the first of twelve years, each dedicated to a different spiritual principle.  ECKists believe that Light and Sound are the two most basic manifestations of God.   In his book, The Slow, Burning Love of God, Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader of Eckankar wrote, “The Light and Sound of God together are the Voice of God. In scriptures we know It as the Word or Logos. In other words, it’s God speaking from beyond creation to Its creation.”

Christians recognize the Sound in their chants and hymns, and in the ringing of church bells.  Jews recognize the Sound in the singing of the cantor during a worship service.  The chant, Om, sung in Eastern religions, is used in meditation.  Tibetan Buddhists have long, involved chants in their group meditations, punctuated every so often by little finger cymbals.  The Sufis sing, “who, who, who” as they reach a state of ecstasy.  New Agers meditate with the sound of crystal singing bowls.  Native American spiritual practice involves drumming and singing.  All of these are manifestations of the original Sound of God.

Eckankar Angola

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ECKists like to chant HU, a spiritually charged word that is an ancient name for God.  We chant it as a love song to God.  When we sing HU, we align ourselves vibrationally with Divine Spirit.  To hear HU chanted by thousands of people during our Worldwide Seminar, please click here.  You can choose to hear a 5-minute version or a 20-minute version, or you can click on the video to learn more about the benefits of singing HU.  One good thing about it is that you don’t have to change your religion in order to try it or experience its benefits.  HU doesn’t belong to Eckankar.  It belongs to the world.

Many faiths recognize the Light, as well.  A majority of Christian churches have beautiful stained-glass windows.  Many houses of worship contain precious stones and skylights.  Some religions make use of fire.  The Bible tells how Saul of Tarsus met the Light on the road to Damascus, and Moses spoke to a burning bush.  Artists paint saints and angels with halos around their heads.  These are all manifestations of the Light of God.

In The Year of Light and Sound, ECKists dedicate themselves to recognizing the many ways that the Light and Sound of God come into our lives, and appreciating the presence, protection, help, and love of God in every moment.  We look for the Light and listen for the Sound on the Inner Planes when we do our Spiritual Exercises.  We strive to accept what the Light and Sound have to teach us in our daily lives.

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