Move the Way Love Makes You Move

move from love not fearToday is Sunday, November 3, 2013.

“Don’t move the way fear makes you move.  Move the way love makes you move.” -Osho

There was actually more to this quote.  “Move the way joy makes you move.”  The other day I cut my trip to the Twin Cities short.  The reason: fear.  I was afraid of the possibility of having to drive on slick roads.  Well, the snowstorm that was hinted at by the weatherman never really materialized, and in any event, I could have stayed in the Twin Cities another day.  But I was in the grip of fear, and I let that fear change my plans.  It’s fine to be cautious, but since I did have some other options, I think I should have stayed in the Twin Cities and I should have altered my plans according to what actually happened, instead of according to what “might” happen.  Oh, well, I’m sure life will give me other chances to test out that theory.

I can think of a few other times where I either held back on something or cut short my plans because of something that I feared might happen in the future.  What I feared never actually materialized, or what did materialize was not nearly as bad as the scenario in my head.  You’d think I would have learned by now, but no, apparently not.

I did once have an experience where my car spun around on an icy road and I landed in the ditch on the opposite side of the road.  That was on a curve, and I’m so lucky that there were no oncoming cars!  I wasn’t hurt, and my car managed to and in some tall grass, which cushioned the impact, so there wasn’t a scratch on my car, either.  That incident has continued to haunt me, and I’ve never been quite as brave driving in the snow as I was before that accident.  I’m at the point of never again wanting to drive if the streets are the least bit slick.  Caution or fear?  Some of both, I guess, but I often wonder whether fear makes me more cautious than necessary.

Osho wasn’t just talking about driving on icy roads, though.  His advice was about our interactions with each other.  How many times have I failed to take the opportunity to have a wonderful conversation with someone because I was too afraid to make an opening remark?  How many times have I failed to show my interest in someone because I was sure that he wasn’t the least bit interested in me?  How many times have I not volunteered to help out with something because I was so sure I wouldn’t be any good at it?  How many times have I failed to say some words of comfort or encouragement because I felt tongue-tied?

There’s no sense in beating myself up for what I have failed to do in the past, however.  All I can do is start fresh tomorrow and go forward from there, keeping in mind Osho’s great advice: Move the way love makes you move.   🙂


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