Ask for Gifts, Then Prepare to Accept Them

say yesToday is Wednesday, November 6, 2013.

Who wouldn’t want a gift, especially when it’s freely given?  It sounds crazy, but a lot of us have failed to accept gifts from Life (or God or Divine Spirit) in the course of our lives.  A great many people are unaware that they are the recipients of unconditional love from the Creator.  They forget that human love, specifically romantic love, is just not the only kind of love there is.  People are unconscious of the fact that all of their experiences are given to them in order to make them stronger, better, more able to cope with life.  They have no idea that there is all sorts of help available to them for the asking, but that they do have to ask.

Not all Souls exist in bodies here in the physical world.  Many Souls, perhaps the majority, are actually in the Inner Worlds.  In heaven, if you will.  Some of those discarnate Souls are engaged in serving and protecting those of us who have incarnated into physical bodies.  We call them angels, faeries, sprites, or elementals.  Some of them function as “spiritual guides” to specific Souls, while others serve anyone who needs assistance.

One of the most important spiritual laws is that we must never intrude on another Soul’s space in any way, shape or form.  Because of this, those Souls who serve the Creator never interfere with our lives unless we are in agreement on some level, and most of the time, this means they have to wait for us to give them specific permission, consciously, to help us.   I’ve heard people ask why we have to pray to God for help if God already knows what we need.  Well, this is why.  Even God doesn’t interfere in our lives unless we ask for God’s help.  God has given us the gift of absolute freedom.  We don’t have to accept help if we don’t want to.

On the other hand, God has set up this world so that we always, always reap the rewards or consequences of our actions.  A perfect feedback loop, set up for the education of Soul.

Once you ask for a gift, you have to be open to receiving it.  It’s amazing, but true that many of us have not accepted all sorts of help that has been offered to us.  Perhaps we feel we are not good enough, that we don’t deserve it.  We might feel that we have to do whatever it is we are doing all by ourselves for it to “count,” somehow.  Or we are expecting a particular kind of help, so we don’t recognize the help that we do get.  Sometimes the help we are offered is from someone we don’t like, or someone we are uncomfortable with.  Sometimes we are just too proud to accept help from anyone, even God.

What would you like?  What do you want in your life?  What do you feel you are lacking?  Ask for it.  And prepare to receive it.  Really open yourself to accepting whatever you are asking for. (This can be tricky.  You may have to look into your subconscious mind to see what is blocking you from accepting it.)   Ask for things – situations, experiences, qualities – you really want, things that will be for your highest good.  Allow Divine Spirit to fulfill your wishes in unexpected ways.  Don’t assume that all gifts will be sweetness and light, but realize that everything you get will be for your growth and unfoldment.  And don’t forget to add one more thing, whenever you ask God for something:  “If not this, then something greater.”  🙂


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