Quiz: Native American Contributions to Life in the United States

ViewEdocToday is Thursday, November 21, 2013.

The American Indian College Fund is a nonprofit organization that helps Native students by providing them with financial support through scholarships and funding of institutions of higher learning.  The fund provides 5,000 scholarships each year and provides support to tribal colleges ranging from capital expenses for upgrading buildings and equipment to cultural preservation programs.  The fund was established in New York City in 1989.  It moved its headquarters to Denver, Colorado, in 2002.

To celebrate this year’s Native American Heritage Month, they developed a quiz that you can take online to see how much you know about Native American  contributions to life in the United States.  I will post the questions here and provide the answers separately.

Get out a piece of paper and write down your answers to the following questions, then click on the link at the bottom to find out how many answers you got right.   There is only one right answer, unless otherwise notice.

1.  What is the number of states with more than 100,000 American Indian and Alaska Natives as of July 1, 2008?

a)  25     b)  6     c)  10     d)  11

2.  How many of the 50 states have American Indian names?

a)  9     b)   14     c)  27     d)  35

3  According to the 2010 U.S. Census, what are the three largest American Indian tribes?

a)  Navajo, Blackfeet, Iroquoisb)  Sioux, Cherokee, Chippewa
c)  Navajo, Cherokee, Sioux

4.  Which of these plants was NOT cultivated by American Indians?

a)  corn     b)  pumpkins     c)  beets     d)  beans

5.  If you are not feeling well, lots of remedies can help you.  Which of these can you thank American Indians for discovering?  (More than one answer)

a)  ibuprofen     b)  chamomile     c)  aspirin     d)  echinacea

6.  Can you guess which of these popular sports were created by American Indians?  (More than one answer)

a)  hockey     b)  lacrosse     c)  squash     d)  football

7.  We can thank American Indians for which of these elementary school staples?

a)  apples     b)  oranges      c)  chewing gum        d)  velcro

8.  Which of these words is NOT borrowed from a Native language?

a)  barbecue     b)   mahogany     c)  squirrel       d)  hurricane

9.  What percentage of American Indians and Alaska Natives 5 years and older speak a language other than English at home?

a)  60%     b)  29%     c)  17%     d)  35%

10.  Which of these American food staples were invented by American Indians?  (More than one answer)

a)  bacon     b)  maple syrup     c)  cornbread     d)  oatmeal

Answers will be posted here.   How did you do on the quiz?


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