Which Row Are You Sitting In?

rollercoaster three rowsToday is Tuesday, December 3, 2013.

This picture of six women on a roller coaster has been going around social media lately, and I’ve seen a couple of different versions of it.  I didn’t have to search too long before finding one image without any words superimposed on it located on someone’s Pinterest page.  The link to the original website no longer works.  If clicking on the image won’t enlarge it, try clicking on the link to the page where I found it.

The ladies in the front row are having a grand time, and neither one seems to be too worried that the wind has revealed their unmentionables.  The two in the middle row are smiling and obviously having a good time, but keeping their dignity, all the same.  Both of them seem to be looking with a bit of longing at their sisters in the front row, perhaps envying them their carefree attitude.  The two in the third row are not having a good time at all.  They both look worried, and are not looking forward, but rather to one side, as if what’s happening there might be a bit more important than what they are currently experiencing.

The words with the picture vary, but the upshot is that you can choose to live your life like the ladies in the front row or the ones in the back, but I would submit that there is a third choice – to live in the middle row, enjoying life, all right, but wishing for more.  That’s the row I find I have been living in, and whenever I have had the good fortune to meet “front row” people, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to experience life with a little more joy and a lot less fear and worry.

Recently, I’ve been wondering whether it’s possible to switch seats in the middle of the ride.  In the physical world, of course, that’s not possible, but spiritually speaking, anything is possible.  Tonight I plan to do a spiritual exercise in which I will do just that: I will switch seats.  I will sit in front.  I won’t put any limitations on who will be sitting next to me.  That will be for the Holy Spirit to decide, but one thing is clear: it will be another “front row” person.

What row are you sitting in?   Do you want to move to the front?  🙂


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