Enlightened People Lead by Example

show the wayToday is Sunday, December 15, 2013.

Yesterday I wrote that once we find the Light, we are supposed to become the Light for others.  Some people may think that means to be some kind of a missionary, but that’s not true.  It’s actually a violation of a person’s space to trick them or force them into believing something, or to scare them into joining a church, for example, by telling them that they are going to hell.

All truly enlightened beings simply show the way.  They lead by example.  And they are not necessarily interested in whether others join their church.  Enlightened people know that everyone is on a journey, and that each Soul is at a different stage of the journey.  They recognize that all Souls need to have various experiences in their lives, including the experience of being a member of a repressive religion and the experience of not believing in a Higher Power.  Why?  Because all Souls learn by direct experience.  That’s what life in the physcial plane is all about.

The true teachers are always at hand when a student is ready to learn, and this is as true in the field of spirituality as it is in the field of education.  Enlightened people can give you some options.  They can warn you of obstacles ahead.  They can help you discover cause and effect relationships between your actions in the past and your present circumstances.  They can present you with information that you may have missed before –  if you request it.  But one thing they cannot do – and will not do – is make your decisions or do your work for you.  That’s always up to you.

Most of us are not spiritual teachers, but many people in this world are becoming enlightened to one degree or another.  If you consider yourself enlightened, then I have some questions for you:  How are you leading by example?  How are you showing the way?  Are you making your decisions consciously?  Are you always doing the “right” thing, even if nobody seems to be watching?  Do you show respect for all living creatures?  Do you allow other people to be where they are without trying to change their ways?  Do you listen and watch for inner guidance and act on it?   Do you walk on holy ground at all times?  Do you practice the Presence of God in your life?  🙂


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