Your Present Situation Is Not Your Final Destination

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Today is Thursday, December 26, 2013.

Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination.  The best is yet to come.   –Anonymous

Another fine quote.  Good old Anonymous is at it again.  I would sure like to meet that person and shake his or her hand.  It’s not the end yet, and even if it were, that wouldn’t be the end, either.  If you believe in everlasting life, that’s what’s going down.  Think about it.

So whatever you’ve got on your plate right now won’t always be there.  You will deal with that, and then you will move on.  And there will be something else.  And your situation will improve, even if you think that’s not possible right now.

I am reminded of a student I once had when I taught at the high school level.  Christy was in my Japanese language class for three years, so I got to know her fairly well.  When she was a senior, there was some decision made about the prom that year – I no longer remember what it was, but Christy was so upset.  She raged that the school administration’s decision would totally ruin the students’ memories of the “happiest time of their lives.”  The adults at the time just rolled their eyes.  I had a chance to remind Christy of that ten years later, and she laughed.  At that time, she was married to a fine man who was studying to be a doctor, and they were having a wonderful time living in Montreal, Canada, a lovely city. A couple of years after that, I got a card saying they’d had their first child, and she said it was the happiest time of her life.  I’ve lost track of her now, but I wonder what she will think when her child gets married, and when that child produces a grandchild.  I suspect that she will say that those are the “happiest” days of her life, too.

I never thought I’d get to this point, but reading around the web, I see that I’m not alone: Every couple of days, I have one pain or another and my thoughts turn dark as I wonder if this is something I have to worry about, whether this pain is a harbinger of some disease that will finish me off.  (If you’re a young person, don’t let that worry you overmuch – just enjoy your good health.  Your turn will come, though, and may end up thinking this way, too, once in a great while.)  When I have these thoughts, I always go to bed thinking, OK, so what?  What if the cancer is back?  What if it’s something else?   You’ll deal with it.  Besides, everybody dies of something, if only old age.  That’s what healthy people die of: old age.

But there’s more, that’s the thing.  See, in the picture above, the tree got cut down, but look what’s happening.  A twig is growing out of the stump, and who knows what will happen next?  Trees and flowers get cut down and grow back.  Wildfires burn out miles and miles of forest area, but the plants come back, stronger than ever, and eventually the animals come back, too.

stay with it And then, there’s the story of the butterfly.  You  must have learned that one in your second or third-grade science class.  The caterpillar eats itself into oblivion, then hangs there and forms a chrysalis.  The caterpillar body disintegrates, becoming a kind of soup from which the butterfly’s body and wings are formed.  It’s an amazing transformation.  Death for the caterpillar, but new life for a butterfly.  That’s why I have always loved butterflies.  What a powerful symbol of transformation!

The point is that, although we go through short-term experiences for which there seems to be “closure,” in the long run, there really is no ending point.  Life goes on, just in another form.  It’s never the end.  There’s always something else, beyond that.  A “plus factor,” if you will.

The other day I wrote a piece about believing in life after death.  I’d like to expand on that a bit.  The point of that post was not just that there is life after death; it was also that the life we find ourselves living right now is a perfect way to prepare for whatever is next, and that the next world will be different in ways that are hard to imagine right now.

So what is next?

all OKIn his books, Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, Life Between Lives and Memories of the Afterlife, Dr. Michael Newton has presented a great deal of information about the life between physical lives that we live in what most people call “heaven.”   He has accomplished this by means of a hypnosis technique that allows people to remember not only past lives here in the physical world (past-life regression), but also their activities in the heavenly realms between a past life and their current life.

Particularly in his first two books, Newton writes of the hierarchy of Souls who are at the various “levels” of learning and their activities in the Worlds of Spirit as they review the physical life just passed, reconnect with  their Soul group mates, attend classes on the Inner, meet with their personal spiritual adviser, and prepare for the next (current) lifetime.  Throughout the books, there is a definite sense that Souls are given the opportunity to come here to the physical plane to learn and grow, and that Souls are given an increasing amount of choice in the circumstances of their physical lives as they gain maturity.  There is a sense that Souls are mostly in agreement with this process, just as most children here on earth come into agreement with the idea of going to school, even if they complain about it, because all their friends are there, in spite of the fact that they might have cried and screamed those first few days of kindergarten.

In Destiny of Souls, Newton spends more time asking his subjects about the various types of “jobs” on the inner that Souls are training for.  There is a sense of continuity and purpose as the Souls make connections between their earthly activities and their heavenly ones.  Souls train for a particular type of job in the Worlds of  Spirit, and when they reach the end of their incarnations on the physical plane, they will follow their chosen path of service in the heavenly worlds.  There is a definite sense that Souls continue to grow and develop even after physical incarnations are no longer a part of the picture.

worth itThe question is: Why don’t Souls remember all of this when they get here to the physical world?  One reason is that we need to start fresh in each lifetime.  Otherwise, we would literally be trying to continue a previous life that would be inappropriate to the current life.  I like to ask people to imagine a few scenarios, as an example.  What if a baby is born into a very poor family in India and the first thing out of his mouth when he learns to talk is,  “…where’s all my money?” (except that the Swiss bank account that the money was in has been closed, and the money has been re-distributed, according to the will).   What if the child says, “…I’ll get that bastard if it’s the last thing I do!” (except that “that bastard” is some old guy living out his final days in Uzbekistan and you’re in Sri Lanka now.  Or what if the kid says, “I love Cynthia!  I adore Cynthia!  I can’t live without Cynthia!”  (except that “Cynthia” died 35 years ago in some little town your current parents never even heard of).   See what I mean?  We have to start fresh.

Another reason is that we don’t need all of those memories, really.  We don’t have first-person memories of learning to walk, but our parents or caretakers probably do.  We don’t generally remember falling down and crying, then being picked up and being urged to try again.  We only know that it must have been like that, because that’s what we do with our own children.  The fact is that we can walk, whether we remember actually learning to do it or not.   It’s the same with learning to talk, to read, or to ride a bicycle.  We can do these things without remembering how we learned.  In the same manner, we learned a lot of things in our previous incarnations, but it’s not ordinarily important to go back and remember the lessons themselves.   The results of those lessons stay with us as we move through our current lifetime.

Among those who have done past-life regressions, the consensus is that we don’t need to remember entire lifetimes, just certain incidents that resulted in some blockage or other in our current lives.  We recall the incident, process it with our current frame of reference, clear the blockage, and move on.

Dr. Newton brought up another question:  Why are so many people remembering past lives now?  Why are so many more people coming back after medical emergencies to tell about near-death experiences in the World of Spirit?  Newton suggests that one possible answer may be that total amnesia about past lives may be counterproductive, at some point.  He notes that many people nowadays are desensitizing themselves to the problems of life by using drugs and alcohol, and that when people are able to recall key incidents in their past lives, they are more capable of solving their current problems and making progress in their spiritual unfoldment without having to resort to drugs or alcohol for relief.   He suggests further that the phenomenon of people becoming more introspective and learning meditation and contemplation techniques has been somehow “encouraged” from those working in the heavenly realm.

journeyofsouls3786-1If you haven’t read Dr. Newton’s books, I would highly recommend them, particularly his first two books, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.   Here’s another challenge, when you’ve read them: go into contemplation and ask yourself where you are in the scheme of things.  Are there any Souls here on earth who might be a part of your special circle of Souls?  If so, what do you suppose they are teaching you?  And what are you teaching them?  What are you supposed to be learning or doing in this lifetime.

Once you have asked yourself these questions, pay attention to your dreams, your inspiration, your intuition, and any special nudges or insights that you get in the coming days.  Because, believe it or not, you don’t have to be hypnotized to figure this stuff out.  You just have to realize that the information is there for you anytime you wish to access it.  🙂


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