How You Create Your Reality

Brain wavesToday is Saturday, December 28, 2013.

Most of us are familiar by now with the idea that our thoughts create our reality.  It’s the mechanism that bogs us down. We don’t know how we are doing the creating.  Until recently, the vast majority of human beings have been creating unconsciously, and what a mess we have made of our lives and our world!  It’s time to wake up and become conscious.  It’s time to take responsibility for our thoughts.  It’s time to figure out just how this creation thing works.

Not only does the mind create, it also interprets the events of our lives.  The mind is what assigns meaning to otherwise neutral events.  When our minds tell us that something is “good,” we’re happy.  When it tells us that something is “bad,” we’re miserable.  There is a set of realizations that have to occur before a person is ready to move beyond the mind and take control of it.

Realization #1: First of all, who are you?  The mind?  Nope, that’s a tool of yours.  You are not a tool.  Who are you?   Your body, that’s not the true you, either.  That’s another tool.   You are Soul.  You are a non-physical energy being who is here to have a human experience.  In order to exist here and interact with the physical world, you have donned a body, and you are interfacing with it.  You have also acquired a mind.  (The brain is the physical counterpart of the mind.)   The mind is a kind of intermediary between the body and Soul.  It helps you, as Soul, process what you experience here.

Realization #2: As Soul, you are a true Child of God, a chip off the Old Block.  You are spirit, just like God.  You are eternal and indestructible.  You are also powerful, just not quite as powerful as God.  You are a creator in training; you just didn’t know it before.  Now you know.

Realization #3: You are responsible for everything you do, say and think.  No exceptions.  Your actions, words and thoughts create your reality.  The sooner you realize this, the sooner you will also realize that if you are the one who created the mess you are in, then you are also the one who can get yourself out of this mess.

Realization #4:  You are here to learn how to create consciously and  responsibly, to accept responsibility for what you have created.  That’s one reason the physical world was created with so many boundaries and restrictions: we are still in training.  Some of us are still totally unconscious.  Can you imagine what it would be like if every single thought we had turned into reality instantly?  Chaos!  What if you worried that your child might get hit by a car walking to school… and it happened!   What if you wished that an enemy of yours would die a horrible death… and it happened!   That might sound funny at first, but remember that others might wish the same for you!   In order to create here, we have to take some action, and the creation does generally have to take some time.  Those restrictions are there for our own safety, believe it or not.  Creating responsibly means learning to look into the future to imagine consequences of our actions and to act for the highest good of all.

Realization #5: Everything in the Universe is energy in some form or other.  Your thoughts are energy, and your thoughts interact with the energy around you.  Your energy attracts people and events with the same sort of energy pattern.  That’s, in brief, how you create.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.  –Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  But it’s not quite as simple as all that.  It’s not magic, and it does take some effort on our part to create consciously.   A lot has been said lately about “manifesting” things or situations: money, a new job, the perfect mate.  But you still need to understand how creation actually comes about.  The people who tell you that this is easy and that you can create things right away are fooling you.  (I hope you haven’t paid a lot of money to someone to hear that!)

reality from thoughtsThe creation of your life starts with your beliefs, which are stored in your subconscious mind.  Some of those beliefs are ones that your parents or caregivers instilled in you when you were a child.  Other beliefs were created in you when you experienced certain things.  For example, if you were surrounded by adults who drank heavily and often became irrational, you might have come to the conclusion that the world is a dangerous place or that you cannot trust anybody.  If you were surrounded by people who told you that you were a failure, or that you were not worthy, then you adopted that belief.

Many people act on these beliefs all their lives without ever realizing that, as adults, they can change these beliefs.  It’s not easy to change our beliefs.  First of all, we have to examine our beliefs.  Many of us go from day to day without ever really examining what we truly believe about ourselves, about other people, and about the world or about life, in general.   It takes time to delve into our subconscious mind to retrieve these things.  Some beliefs are hidden because the event that triggered them was so horrible that we have willed ourselves to forget.

its your own mindWhen we do figure out which beliefs we would like to change, we must figure out another belief to hold in place of the one we are throwing out and we must concentrate on that belief.  In other words, we must concentrate on our positive beliefs, rather than thinking about what we no longer want to believe.   Just as an example:  If you have the belief, “I am a klutz,” then thinking “I am not a klutz” is not going to cut it, because you’re still thinking in terms of being a klutz.  You have to change the thought completely: “I am graceful and coordinated,” for example.

Beliefs about yourself are not the only things you may need to change.  You also have beliefs that form a sort of framework for your life. You have a set of beliefs about what is possible and impossible.  You actually set the rules, limits, and boundaries for your life with your beliefs.  There’s nothing wrong with having a framework.  It’s just that want to be able to create consciously without too many restrictions.  There are people, for example, who would love to earn a lot more money, but they don’t believe that it’s really possible, so they don’t.  Others would give their eyeteeth to be able to drop some of the burden of responsibility and be able to delegate some of it to others, but if they don’t think this is possible, then they won’t do it.

Based on your beliefs, you make thousands and thousands of decisions every day.  If you believe, for example, that your overall health is based on a healthy diet, and that you enjoy being healthy, you are going to make different decisions about food than someone who sees no relationship between diet and overall health.   If you believe that your current job is not very important, you will make a number of decisions each day at work that reflect this, and your decisions will be different from ones you might make if you believed your job was very important. These little decisions you make initiate chain reactions that form the basis of events that happen in your life.
mind stuffSo first, you have to change your beliefs about yourself, then you have to take stock of all the restrictions you have placed on yourself.  After that you have to stay awake for every little decision you make, to be sure that you are acting on your most positive beliefs and that you are not affirming all of those restrictions you placed on yourself when you were unconscious.
How do these changes come about, and how can you make them permanent?  Well, it’s different for every person.  That’s why those gurus who tell you, “Just do what I do,” are a little dangerous.  They’ll take your money and show you their tricks.  They may even be very sincere.  But they probably don’t realize that things work differently for each individual, so even if a guru teaches his or her followers what worked for the guru, it may not work for the followers.  It’s all right to take advice, but you have to experiment for yourself.  There are a couple of general rules, though.  One is that beliefs have to be stated positively.  It’s best if you start with “I am” when stating beliefs about yourself.  Keep your statements short and simple so you can remember them.  And don’t waste even a second thinking about what you don’t want.  Just focus on what you do want.
Some people use spoken affirmations every day.  Don’t do too many at once.  Work with one or two at a time.   You can say them with your eyes closed , or you can look in the mirror and say them.  You can write them down in a notebook; try writing your affirmations 15 times each day for a minimum of three weeks, and longer, if you can.  Keep your new beliefs lightly in mind as you go about your day.  You may wish to put them on the desktop or the screen saver on your computer, or you may want to make yourself a little sign and put it up on your bathroom mirror where you can see it in the morning.   Maybe you’ll put a little sign on your refrigerator or print it out on a little card that you can carry around in your wallet.  You could make a note to yourself on your smart phone and send it to yourself at regular intervals.  There are any number of ways you can remind yourself of your new beliefs.
Your+thoughts+create+your+life+BLOGThen, as you go about your day, stay aware of the choices you are making in light of your new belief.  A new belief means you will have to make some new choices, and these may not be very comfortable for you, at first.  You may want to switch to a belief that it’s important to keep your body at a healthy weight, but if you choose to eat something that you know will not result in staying at a healthy weight,  the cognitive dissonance will make you feel uncomfortable.  That’s actually a good sign, because if you were comfortable eating any old thing, it would mean that your belief about staying at a healthy weight is not yet set in your subconscious.
It takes time and persistence to change your beliefs, and it will also take time for changes to manifest as a result of your change in belief.  That’s just how it works here in the physical plane.   But when you manage to make a permanent change in belief, your reality will change permanently.
OK, so you’ve changed your beliefs to positive ones and you have started to release some of the limitations you set for yourself earlier in life.  Now what?    Well, you’re working with energy, here.   What happen is that thoughts create a kind of energy field within and around us.  The energy of our thoughts attracts or is attracted to other energies that vibrate at the same basic rate or at a complimentary rate.  Like attracts like, in other words.
ff4cac70ef6391e931283d720f1a1a1dNow you want to manifest something.  You want to create consciously.  Here’s the catch, if you will:  You don’t do it all by yourself.  Nope.  You work with the Universe, with God, with Divine Spirit, whatever you want to call IT.  And you have to work in harmony with IT, otherwise your manifestations will not materialize.  In fact, that’s the reason why many of your wishes today don’t come true: they are not in harmony with the Universe or even with your own inner energy!
Your part of the deal is to set an intention.  You have to believe that it is possible, and you have to be clear about what it is you want.  Remember not to focus on what you don’t want.  Just what you do want.  Here’s another little secret: setting an intention and thinking about something is only part of the process.  The other part is your emotions: these can be creative tools for you, too!   Ask yourself how you will feel when your intention is manifested.  Will you feel safe?  Will you feel loved?  Will you feel capable?  Will you feel joyful?   Will you feel alive and full of energy?
Creative visualization works here, but in addition to visualizing what you want, you have to start to feel the way you want to feel.  Sometimes it works better to imagine qualities in your life and work from there.  Will your life have the quality of security?  love?  joy?  radiant health?   freedom?   power?  (By this I mean the power to do things, not necessarily power over other people, or what is called “authentic power.”)  Whatever quality you imagine, how will it feel for your life to be this way?  That’s the feeling you want to hold in your heart, because it’s this feeling that actually provides the power for the manifestation of what you want.   Think about this:  Who is more likely to succeed: the person who wants something so badly that he can taste it, or the person who decides a certain thing might be nice if it happens along, but he’s not going to go out of his way for it?
You have to do this for a while, not just a few days, but longer.  It may take weeks, months or even years for your intention to manifest, depending on what it is. (As a reality check, how long do you think it takes an athlete to get to the point where he or she has an actual shot at an Olympic gold medal?  How long did it take Steve Jobs to make Apple the most successful company in the world?  Some of your goals won’t take quite that long, but you get the idea.)  Remember that your intention will inform your decisions and actions in the coming weeks, months and years, and it is these decisions and actions that will manifest in physical form what you desire.
It’s important as you work toward your goals to stay open for inner guidance from the Universe.  IT will let you know, sometimes unmistakably and other times subtly, what you need to do next.  When you get a nudge to do something, act on it.  (This assumes, of course, that you have been listening to the Universe for a while and  you have started to discern what information is coming from On High and what is coming from your own ego, so that you can avoid destructive impulses.  As well, it assumes that you actually do take the time, on a regular basis, to listen to the Universe/God/Divine Spirit.)
54a33ae3bb6f9b0e833271ab7042caeeBut there’s one other thing, and it’s huge.  You don’t actually create the details.   The Universe does that, because IT sees things from the highest possible perspective.  Once you have done your part, the Universe meets your intention and fulfills it, in the best way possible, for your highest good.  However, what eventually gets manifested may not look exactly like what you were imagining.  The trick is to realize that you were creating in broad strokes.  You can’t control the details; that’s not your job.  That’s God’s job.  That’s the job of the Universe.
Once you have set your intention and done all you could do to fulfill it, there’s one more thing to do, and that is: surrender.  Detach from your expectations about the outcome.  Rest easy in the belief that the Universe has your highest good as a priority.  Whatever happens will be much more perfect for you than you could have imagined all by yourself.   And if you meet some bumps or obstacles along the way, don’t let your mind assign them a negative meaning.  Just be aware that some of those bumps and obstacles may have been placed there to teach you something valuable.  Everything is for your highest good, even the bumps.  Especially the bumps.  🙂

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