Your State of Awareness

love & state of awarenessToday is Friday, January 3, 2014.

The amount of love you give and receive is a direct reflection of your present state of awareness.  –Anonymous

Your state of awareness is how much you see and know about the way the world works, about who you really are and about your relationship to God and to the rest of God’s Creation.

If you think that your body and mind/personality are the real you, then you will think the same of everybody else, and you will see only differences. If you think that your behavior defines you, then you may believe that people who go to church are “good” and that people who lie, steal, or kill are “bad.”    If you make a poor choice early in life, you may believe you are unworthy or unlovable.

If you realize that you are Soul, a conscious energy being, created by God, eternal and immortal, a being which has no gender, then you will realize that everyone else is, too.   You will realize that, as Soul, you come to the physical plane again and again, in different physical lifetimes, each time wearing a different physical body with a different personality matrix.

If you believe that earth is a place where Souls were put as punishment, you will see your life as a punishment.  If you believe that earth is a school for Souls, you will see your life as a learning opportunity.  If you believe that God showers Divine Love on all Souls unconditionally and impartially, then you will know that you are loved by God, and so is everybody else, no exceptions.  If you believe that God doesn’t judge Souls, that they only judge themselves, you will realize that you should not judge other people, either. If you believe that all Souls are doing the best they can, given what they have learned about life so far, then you know that there is no reason to judge people, because in all likelihood, you have been in the same position in some other lifetime.

If you know that you have free will because you are here to learn to make decisions, and if you realize that the physical world is a giant feedback loop, you will know that there are no “right” or “wrong” decisions, only decisions that have positive and negative results.  You will realize that negative consequences are not for punishment, only for course-correction.  You will realize that Souls are being trained to make decisions that have consequences not only for themselves, but for others, and ultimately for all life.

If you believe that you exist independently from nature, you will probably believe that what you do doesn’t make any difference in the world, but if you realize that we are all part of a vast, interconnected web, you will realize that everything you do, think and say has consequences for yourself, and for all life, including animals, plants, and the earth itself.

If you realize that God’s love is showered upon you no matter what you do, you will realize that it is given whether you have done something to “deserve” it or not.  If you can accept that love, no matter what is happening, you can receive more of God’s love that you can if you think you don’t deserve much love.  If you give Divine Love (basically, this means acceptance of the Soul as a Child of God) to every Soul, regardless of whether that person is “good” or “bad,” then you can give more love than you would if you withheld your love from certain people.

Are you starting to see why your state of awareness affects how much love you can give and receive?   Fortunately, you can change your state of awareness!    🙂


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