Upgrading Your “Me” Software

upgrade-yourself2Today is Friday, January 17, 2014.

Computers have really changed the way people think, and in many ways, they have provided us with a new way of talking about ourselves.  For instance, people are now familiar with the idea of hardware versus software.  In human terms, that dichotomy illustrates the physical body versus the mind/personality.  Some may say it’s the difference between body and Soul, but I like to think of Soul as the user of the hardware and software, because Soul is who we really are, and Soul is in the driver’s seat.  The body and the mind are tools at Souls’ disposal.

The idea of memory storage illustrates the idea that the human brain is, after all, finite.  The idea of a server hooked up to a network of individual computers illustrates the idea that there is a vast pool of information that we can connect to, so that no one person has to have all the answers.  We can share information, and frequently do – not only through the media (newspapers, TV, magazines, radio and the Internet), but also inwardly, on a spiritual level.  There is a repository of information that we can all access; it comes to us through inner nudges and sudden insights or gut feelings, our intuition.  We can access it intentionally, as well as unintentionally, through meditation and prayer.

One other really great connection between computers and human beings is the idea of upgrading software.  If you think of your software as a combination of your mind (especially your subconscious) plus your basic personality matrix and your basic level of intellect/intelligence, you realize that some parts of it can be upgraded.  (Of course, the old hardware can be upgraded, too, in terms of health initiatives, but I’m more interested in exploring the software aspect.)

Winning the Battle for GrowthYou can upgrade your attitude.  You can upgrade the way you think of the situations you find yourself in.  If you think of yourself as being stuck in lifetime that you didn’t ask for and have no control over, your attitude is not going to be very positive.  If you realize that you are in an especially difficult, but prestigious school of experience which you applied for and were granted admission to, your attitude will be a lot more positive, because you understand that each and every experience in life exists to teach you something or to give you an opportunity to apply what you know.  Your entire life is unique, and individually tailored to your spiritual needs.  You can upgrade your attitude about the present, the past and the future.  You may not be able to change what happened in the past, but putting a more positive spin on your attitude about the past will help eliminate feelings of bitterness, guilt, shame, and regret.  Sure, you may feel remorse for something that you did, but once that has been expressed, you can let it go and move on, resolving never to repeat that particular action.

upgrade constructionYou can upgrade your self-image.  For this, you will need to delve into your memories, both conscious and unconscious, as well as your subconscious beliefs derived from past experiences or from influential people in your past.  You may wish to consider some of those negative beliefs of yours as “malware” or “viruses” that affect your regular programming.  With computers, many people unknowingly and unconsciously perpetrate these negative ideas.  A parent with a poor self-image as a result of things that his or her  own parents did or said passes it on to the children, who in turn pass it on to their children.  The delete button is a wonderful thing!  And once you’ve gotten rid of the malware, you can install virus protection software, too, in the form of higher awareness.  When you’re running a “clean program,” when your self-image is strong and positive, and when you learn not to take what other people say personally, you become more aware of the potential for negative “viruses” when you come upon them.  For example, just because your boss gets bent out of shape about something you did, that doesn’t mean you’re a worthless person, or that you’re incapable.  It simply means that whatever you did was not what he or she wanted.  The fact that the boss cannot control his/her anger is not your problem. If you’ve done your best, you have nothing to be ashamed of.  If your boss can’t give you specific feedback to correct your work, you may wish to consider finding another boss, rather than subjecting yourself to negative treatment again and again.

fish upgradeYou can upgrade your worldview.   Your worldview is all your beliefs about how the world works, how it is “supposed to” work, how life began, the purpose of life in general and the purpose of your life in particular.  Most of this is subconscious, but you can see it coming to the surface once in a while.  For example, when you read an opinion piece in a newspaper, watch a political speech, hear a sermon or homily, or read someone’s status on Facebook, you find yourself agreeing or disagreeing – sometimes very strongly – with what you heard or read.  That’s your worldview coming to the fore.  It’s worthwhile to make the effort to bring your beliefs out into the open once in a while to see if they still serve you or whether they are hindering your progress.  For example, if you’re married, you undoubtedly have some ideas buried deeply inside about the “ideal” wife or husband, whether these ideas are realistic or not, and you may be holding yourself and your spouse up to these ideals.  Chances are, you or your spouse (or both of you) fall short of this ideal.  The gap between reality and your ideals creates a tension that leads to disappointment, distress, anger, bitterness, guilt, anxiety or embarrassment.  If you adjust your expectations to match reality (because, after all, both you and your spouse are human), some of those negative feelings will disappear.  This works with lots of different relationships: parent/child, teacher/student, boyfriend/girlfriend, or boss/subordinate.

upgradenowYou can upgrade your connection with the Source.  We’ve all had the experience of losing our connection with the Internet, and we know how frustrating that can be.  For many of us, it’s impossible these days to do our jobs or find information without a stable Internet connection.  The same idea applies to our “innernet” connection with the Source, God, the Universe, or whatever else you wish to call the Higher Power that is the Source of all Life.  You can hone this connection with regular meditation, contemplation, prayer, or introspection and journaling.  In order to remain strong and stable, our inner connection must be used daily.  The expression, “use it or lose it” applies here.  A lot of people don’t think too much about God, except when things go wrong, and they wonder where God went.  God didn’t go anywhere.  The connection is down, that’s all.  🙂


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