Adding Color to Your Life: Making a Habit of Happiness

Colors for you on FBToday is Wednesday, January 22, 2014.

I read a great post by Nitika Chopra, writing for a site called The Beauty Bean, where she talks about adding color to your life.  She wasn’t talking about clothing, hair color or makeup, however.  She was talking about recognizing those moments in your own life where your day “feels brighter and more colorful,” because those are the times when you feel the happiest.  Once you’ve figured out what those moments are, try to seek them out each and every day.

What makes your life brighter and more colorful?  Perhaps it’s when you are doing something special with a friend, such as cooking a meal, window shopping, or just sitting and chatting at Starbucks.  For some, color comes in the form of intense physical activity, such as running, hiking, dancing, Zumba exercise, or any other individual or team sport.   Some people feel especially good when they manage to get a great bargain, such as a designer handbag on sale, a plane ticket during an online fare sale, or a one-of-a-kind item at a flea market.  Certain people love to spend time putzing in their garden or working on a long-term craft project.  Others like to curl up and live in a big, thick book or spend time chatting with friends around the world on Facebook.  Most of us actually have more than one thing that makes us happy.  The key is to be aware of these types of experiences and seek them out every day.

To find what works for you, it may be necessary to make some changes in your life.  What would you like to do if you had more time?  Start by creating some time to do just that, whatever it is.  In order to find the time to do your special thing, you will most likely have to spend less time doing something else.  What activity would you cut back  if you could?    Figure out a way to cut back on the activities that don’t serve your sense of happiness. Maybe you can delegate, or maybe you just need to get organized so that you won’t have to spend so much time doing things that don’t add color to your life.

As Nitika Chopra says, it’s all about “making happiness a habit and taking action as often as possible in big and small ways.”  It’s about creating happiness consciously.

What makes you happy?  Don’t list things that you can’t do until your ship comes in.  List the things that you already do every so often that you’d like to do again.  List the simple things, the inexpensive things, the doable things.  🙂


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