Set the Wheels of Change in Motion and Hang On

hang onToday is Wednesday, February 5, 2014.

Once you have set the wheels of change in motion, the best thing to do is hang on… and learn to enjoy the ride!  –Lisa Villa Prosen

I can’t help it – when I look at that kid hanging onto the go-cart, I know he’s having fun now, but boy, is he going to have some scraped knees when the cart slows down.  Oh, well… only he will be able to decide whether the experience was worth the pain of scraped knees or not.  Everyone has their own take on the subject.

Last year on February 21, I started a blog called Random Thoughts on Blogspot.  Then a friend wanted to re-blog something I had written here on WordPress, and I recalled that I had set up a WordPress account in order to read others’ blogs.  I decided to start a blog here, too, on April 17.  My original thought was to blog every day for one whole year, and until April, I really hadn’t planned on doing two blogs.   Nevertheless, I’ve accepted the challenge, and have not missed any days, although I’ve been a bit late, sometimes.  In any event, I put something into motion.

What have I learned?  Well, I am certain now that I can write on demand, on just about any subject.  Late this summer, I was asked to write a children’s non-fiction book for a publishing firm in Minnesota, and that has led to a request to write a second book.  That may not sound like much, but one of my goals is to be a published author, so it seems I am well on my way to achieving that goal.  My other goal was to consciously create my life in retirement.  Of course, writing is one aspect of that.

Following the metaphor of the photograph, I would say that what I’ve had to do since I retired was to build the go-cart from parts that I had on hand and pull it to the top of a very steep hill.  I’ve just reached the crest of the hill, and have gotten into the go-cart.  The cart is starting to roll down the hill, and is gradually but inexorably picking up speed.

If you look at the three kids in the picture, you see a girl riding in the front, a boy “driving” and another boy hanging on in back.  It seems to me that I could carry the metaphor of the picture a bit farther with the three kids.  The girl is being pushed, as it were, and she has a fine few in front, but when the cart comes to a stop at the bottom, she may fall off.  The little boy in back seems to be having the most fun, and is surely having the most exciting ride, but as I noted earlier, he’s going to come away from the experience with skinned knees.  The kid who is in the driver’s seat can at least steer the cart, and may even have some braking power, if necessary.  When the cart stops, he will probably be the safest from harm.  All things considered, he doesn’t seem to be having quite as much fun as his sister or his brother, but I would say that’s the position I’d rather be in: the driver’s seat.

Whatever happens, I will definitely learn something about how to hang on for a wild ride, and –Who knows?– I may even learn to enjoy it. 🙂


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