We Are Already One with God

Today is Thursday, February 27, 2014.you already are

You can spend a lifetime trying to be One with the Great Spirit… or simply focus on Love and realize you already are.   –Anonymous

God is a spiritual entity, and so are we, as Soul, which is the truest, most basic part of ourselves.  The various wisdom traditions say that God, the Creator existed first, when there was nothing else.  If that’s true, then God must have existed as a potential until IT manifested itself.  If there was nothing before that, then what is Creation made out of?  If you think of God as pure Life Energy or pure Consciousness, then it stands to reason that Soul is also energy and consciousness.  In other words, as Soul we are all part of that same Energy.  We may be individuated and unique expressions of that Divine Energy, but we are all the same in that we are all made of the same stuff.  Even our human bodies – and all of physical Creation must be physical expressions of the Divine Energy in some miraculous way.

A lot of people believe that we as Soul will become One with the Creator after the death of the body, in some kind of cosmic melting pot, but those who have had near-death experiences have told us that Souls do not lose their individuality in Heaven.  Even those Advanced  Souls who have left behind any shred of their earthly personalities still exist as individuals, even though they may work together in perfect harmony with others and so seem to have melded into a group identity.  But if we think about the fact that God created us all out of ITSELF, then we are already One and we don’t have to “become” One at some unspecified place and time.

We are all One with each other, as well.  We are all connected with each other, with all physical and spiritual Life, and with God.   It’s amazing, when you think about it, how many humans still don’t understand this simple truth.  If we fully realized that we are connected with all Life, and that all Life is an expression of God, then how could we hate each other?  How could we fight wars?  How could we “own” property in stead of sharing it?  How could we hoard resources so that we have plenty and our neighbors have nothing?  How could we lie to, cheat on, or steal from others?

When I was a young girl, a Sunday School teacher of mine told us that God is love, and I remember being extremely impressed with this profound bit of truth.  If it’s true that God is love – and I’m talking here about unconditional love – and if we’re already One with the Creator, then aren’t we all Love, in some way?  What if we allowed Love to the impetus behind all our thoughts, words and deeds?  Wouldn’t we be much more true to who we really are?   And if we always had loving thoughts and words, and acted from love,  couldn’t we be said to be doing God’s will naturally?

What a concept!  🙂


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