Soul’s Unfoldment

Soul unfolds like lotusToday is Saturday, March 29, 2014.

The soul unfolds itself like a lotus of countless petals.  –Kahlil Gibran

On my spiritual path, Eckankar, we speak of the “unfoldment” of Soul, but other than being a little ticked that spell-checkers on the web and on word processing applications don’t recognize the word, I’ve never really questioned the word choice.  When I saw this meme on Facebook, I decided to investigate a bit.  It turns out that the choice of verbs is actually pretty accurate.

A lotus basically grows in muddy water, but it rises above the surface of the water to bloom.  The petals open in the morning and drop at night.  If  you use the analogy of the lotus as Soul, then the muddy water is the physical world into which Souls are born.  Like the lotus blossom, Soul must rise above the conditions of the physical plane in order to blossom.

Every time we reach a solution to a problem or a compromise that benefits all concerned, we rise above the hardships of this earthly life.  Every time we manage to control our feelings of anger, fear, guilt, jealousy, or worry – and by control, I mean that even though we acknowledge these feelings, we refuse to allow them to dictate our words and actions – we rise above and transcend our original programming.   Every time we open our hearts to others, rather than retreating from others, and every time we learn to manifest a positive quality, such as perseverance, humility, discernment, or tolerance, we are growing and maturing, as Soul.  We are unfolding, just like the lotus.  🙂


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