I Knew You’d Come!

tournToday is Wednesday, April 2, 2014.

In his book Soul to Soul: Communications from the Heart, Gary Zukav tells the story of a soldier who wants to go back to rescue a buddy of his who’s been shot.  The sergeant tells the young man that this buddy is as good as dead, and his heroics will only get him shot, too.  Ignoring his sergeant’s orders, the soldier runs into the clearing where his friend was shot and drags him to safety, braving enemy fire.  By the time the soldier gets his friend to safety, he is dead, and the sergeant shouts at him.  “I told you so!”

The soldier’s answer is stunning:  “When I got there, he was alive, and he said, ‘I knew you’d come.'”

These days almost everyone has heard of the idea that Souls make agreements with each other before coming into physical life.  We enter into all kinds of relationships with these special Souls.  We may be parent and child, spouses, lovers, best friends, or partners in business.  We may spend a lot of time together, the way Orville and Wilbur Wright did, or we may simply meet for one special moment in time.

Zukav’s story reminds us that we are not necessarily meant to “save” each other.  The interaction between Souls may not seem “successful” by any normal measure.  Sometimes we are simply meant to “be there” for another person.  Or we may be meant to go the extra mile for that special Soul, whether or not our effort seems successful.

In the case of the soldier who attempted to rescue his buddy, the effort, itself, was the important thing, and the fact that the buddy died knowing that his friend was truly “there” for him.  What a precious gift it was, even though the buddy died!  Perhaps that was the agreement, to make a supreme effort for another person, without thought for his own safety.  In fact, if you think about it, the buddy who died may have been the one giving the gift – an opportunity for his friend to step up to the plate, to make that supreme effort, and to prove to himself what stuff he was really made of.  🙂


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