Making Inner Changes: Use the Delete Key

delete keyToday is Sunday, April 6, 2014.

Stop pressing rewind on the things that need to be deleted from your life. –Trent Shelton on Facebook

I don’t think I’m the only one who has this problem.  There are a lot of us who have some of the same things go wrong over and over and over.  You get second prize in every race. You are always the last to get picked for the baseball team.  You like somebody but they aren’t “interested,” even if they think you’re a nice person.  You always mess up when you get up to speak in front of a group.  You always end up arguing with a friend and breaking up.  You always seem to be interested in a person who drinks too much.  You always manage to get taken advantage of emotionally or financially.  You always end up arguing with a parent or sibling.

Many of us have these recurring problems like this in our lives.  Even if we recognize the problem, we don’t quite have a handle on the solution.  Pretty soon we start to see these situations coming and we are afraid to go forward, fearing that the same thing will happen once again.  And maybe it will.

The key is to change something about ourselves, and when we are different, our vibrations are different, and we end up attracting a different situation.  It takes more than just an intent to break the cycle.  It takes an honest-to-God change in ourselves.  Change is the one thing that so many of us are afraid of.

How do you go about making a deep inner change like this?  Some people get into counseling or hypnotherapy.  Others begin a process of meditation and gradual awareness.  Some ask for the help of a Higher Power.  Some use techniques such as spiritual exercises, visualizations, mantras, affirmations, and journaling to effect change.

It’s important to be very clear about why you want to change.  How will your life be different after you have changed? Think about all areas of your life, not just one or two.  How will you be different?   Will you look different?  Will you relate to people differently?  Will you attract different people and situations into your life?  How will these be different from what is in your life now?  Be specific.

If you are going to delete something from your life, you will have to fill it with something else.  Think about what it is you want to fill the hole with.  (Think in terms of energy, if nothing else.  You want to fill the “space” with positive energy, not negative.)  Keep your new goals firmly in mind.  You can cut out pictures that illustrate the sort of thing you are aiming for, or you can leave yourself little notes on your bathroom mirror or the refrigerator in your kitchen.

Whatever method you decide to use to effect your change, it’s important to realize that change does not happen overnight. It takes time for the change to manifest itself not only in your mind (and we’re talking about your subconscious mind, here), but in your heart and your physical self.  The change has to happen from the inside out, and from the ground up.  You have to start expecting things to turn out differently.  You have to focus on a future that you do want and not one that you don’t want.   You have to change the both way you think and the way you feel.  You have to feel different on a daily basis.  You have to see yourself differently.

When you notice that things around you are changing, you can be sure you are changing, too.


Now, to follow my own advice… wink

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  1. The data is past future and present. All data must be cleaned. All data streams and creates reaction (more data). Through prayer and meditation cleaning takes place. There is no self image, only data and divine nature. As rumi said do not seek love but clean which stands in the way. As one delves into subconscious they are in the stream of data, sorrow. Subconscious is deeper waters of consciousness, carries the current of karma. There lies the opportunity to clean. We all are imprinted and those who are uncomfortable with their self image inquire into the nature of this thing we call programming and explore transformation. One key question is who is doing the imprinting. I am responaible for this process. I am sorry please forgive me for my part in perpetuating these programs for being a carrier. So as we petition for cleaning what language do we discover? What speaks to data globally. We are now going to the root language of the subconscious, where it all started. With all the fragmentation data creates we need a simple singular langauge that wipes it clean. We only discover that when we become intimate with ourselves.

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