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Just Keep Trying

CourageToday is Friday, January 10, 2014.

Last October, I attended the Eckankar Worldwide Seminar at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Eckankar is the Religion of the Light and  Sound of God, established in 1965 by Paul Twitchell.  The Worldwide Seminar is an annual event attended by  several thousand people from around the globe.  The seminar marks our spiritual new year, which starts on October 22, an arbitrarily chosen date.  Each spiritual year of our 12-year cycle has a different focus.  The current spiritual year is called The Year of Light and Sound, the first year of a new 12-year cycle.  ECKists believe that Light and Sound are two original aspects of God, and from these two manifestations, everything else was created.

At the seminar, the spiritual leader of Eckankar always speaks once at the Saturday evening session.  The current spiritual leader of Eckankar is Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.  Sri is a title of respect.  Mahanta is his spiritual title, in the same way that Christ was Jesus’ spiritual title.   The ECK is the voice of God.  An ECK Master is one who is so attuned to God that his life is totally dedicated to God’s service, and he has managed to subordinate his will to God’s will.  The Mahanta is not God, and is not worshiped as a deity of any kind.  He is a teacher, a wayshower, a coach.  Sri Harold’s personal style is to tell stories that illustrate a spiritual principle that he is trying to get across.

KEEP+TRYINGAt this past seminar, all Sri Harold’s stories illustrated the idea of perseverance.  His talk title for the evening was, “Just Keep Trying.”    It was a positive way to say, Don’t Give Up or Never Give UP.  I’ve been a member of Eckankar for many years, and I still can’t tell you how or why it works, but whatever Sri Harold decides to talk about at the Worldwide Seminar always turns out to be something that I’m dealing with in my life.  Many others say the same thing.

In the past few months, there have been several incidents in my life where I have been reminded that I mustn’t give up, I must never quit if I want to succeed.  Rather than write about it here, I feel the need to keep the details private, for now.  But I have been amazed at how many messages I have gotten lately about not giving up.  I’m going to present those messages to you today, in hopes that one of them will be just what you needed to hear.  🙂

reach insidecarnagielapping the couch

reach insideyou have come this farnever stop road

dont give up poemmichael jordan quotedo it

never give up plan for your lifecloser than you thinkno limit

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